Egg Nog Jog 2009

Egg Nog Jog 10.8K

(December 13, 2009)

I completed my first ever race today!!! And I’m high on endorphins right now 🙂 Such a great experience! I started preparing myself on Friday… went for a quick 5 km jog outside in the FREEZING cold (-8, plus windchill, more like -18) then came home and made a big pasta stirfry – made sure to have leftovers for the next night! Got a solid sleep both Friday and Saturday night.

Was up at 8 a.m. this morning to get ready. Surprisingly I wasn’t very nervous beforehand… I think because I knew I had done all I could in training and I had run the distance before and survived – why would it be any different today? Had a good breakfast of muesli and blueberries, got dressed, packed some snacks for the car and met Joanna and Marc (Jo’s boyfriend/our chauffeur and cheerleader for the morning).

We encountered some rain on the drive to Georgetown but luckily it stopped right before our race began! However, it rained enough to make the roads very icy in some spots… and when there wasn’t ice, there was slush to deal with. But I just watched myself and tried to step lightly… and I didn’t fall. Goal number one accomplished!

The route itself was very scenic – conservation area and country roads. There’s snow covering the ground there too so it looked calm and Christmasy. It started off downhill which was awesome… Jo and I are feeling great, thinking this is going to be a breeze… then we pass the 2k sign and there’s a little hill… no big deal right… then another… hm ok… and another… starting to feel it. And those rolling hills did not stop until the 7k mark! And just after the water station at 5k, there was a HUGE hill that was practically vertical. I felt like I could have just slid back down if I went too slow. We had been given a fair warning about this hill from our running coaches, but that certainly didn’t make it hurt any less. I was with one of our coaches, Isabelle, for the hill and she motivated me to keep going. We ran up about 3/4s of the way, then I had to stop and walk… picked it back up for the last bit at the top though.

From that point on, I was running alone… got the iPod out and was having a great time. Caught up with a couple Running Room friends for the last couple kms. After 10k we started sprinting… less than one to go… people cheering!! Loved it… Clocked in at 1:06:13 at the finish line, 10.8k done! I was happy with that – if it had been a true 10k, I would have been at the 60-minute mark, or verrrry close to it. And that was my goal. After a few victory photos with Jo, we headed back to have our post-race snacks (I passed on the egg nog… yuck!) and warm up in the car. An amazing experience!

Finish line!

Running Room friends before the race

During the race I officially decided I would sign up for a half-marathon clinic in 2010. Pretty sure running has a hold on me now 🙂


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