Posted by: Kennedy | August 20, 2012

A tale of two races

So I’m finally returning to the blog after another long hiatus… can you guess what’s brought me back this time??

Yeah, it’s another race recap. To be more accurate, it’s a DOUBLE race recap.

That’s right. Over the last week, I ran two races: the Toronto 10-miler (16.1km) last Sunday and the Midsummer Night’s Run (30km) this past Saturday night.

Let’s talk highlights.


This was the goal race of the Running Room clinic I’ve been coaching since late May, so I had some extra running buddies. It was so great to see them do so well after months of training in the crazy hot summer we’ve had. These guys worked HARD and they proved it at the race – all of them beat their goals and finished strong.

Speaking of goals… I happened to beat my time from last year at this race by 4 minutes and set a new PB, finishing in 1:32:42. So I was pretty psyched, too.

Weather was cool to start, but got really hot with the sun and no shade on the entire route through Tommy Thompson Park & the Leslie St. Spit. A nice flat course though, so I wasn’t complaining.

This race was extra special because I had a little cheering section – my sister was visiting and, like a trooper, she got up at the crack of dawn to come down and see me off. She then had to kill almost 2 hours waiting around for me to run, get food, snap photos and chat away with my running group. There aren’t a ton of people out there who would do that, so I consider myself a pretty lucky girl. Thanks Madi, love youuu 😉

After the race, Lynne, Madi and I headed to the Flat Iron for eggs Benny, Caesars and mimosas. And beer. Hey, we both had new PBs to celebrate.

With one race down, I started focusing on/worrying about Midsummer. Why worry, you ask? Well… all summer I’ve been running with my 10-milers, 3 times a week. I haven’t had all that much time to follow a training plan that would have me in top shape to run a race almost twice that distance a week later. I managed to squeeze in some extra miles before – and after – my group’s 7k taper run a few weeks ago, for a total of 23k. It wasn’t too painful so I figured I could swing it, knowing the last few km of the race would probably be quite painful… albeit temporary.

And I was right.

This was my first time running Midsummer, my second time running the 30k distance, and my first time running an evening race. Lots of challenges present themselves in this kind of situation…. the biggest of which is this: what/how much/when do you eat? So many more opportunities for GI issues when you have to consume more than a bowl of oatmeal.

I had my usual bowl of oats for breakfast. At lunch, I had leftovers from dinner the previous night: brown rice + starchy roasted vegetables (sweet potatoes, beets, Brussels sprouts) with hemp seeds, goat cheese and avocado.

Loved this combo. So good, heavy enough on the carbs, but still easy to digest. Later in the afternoon I had an apple, and a little over an hour before start time, a LaraBar. I felt a little concerned about things after the apple, weirdly. But all worked out okay and I was feeling fine when we lined up at 5:30.

Elaine and I were doing the 30k… and Lynne was doing the 15k, which started at 6:45. She came early to see us off and snap some photos.

I started the race near the 3 hour walk/run pace bunny, figuring I’d see how they paced but probably drop back from them pretty quickly (last time I did a 30k, I stuck with the 3 hour pace bunny for the first 10k and regretted it afterwards when I ran out of steam at 20k). But I kept checking in with myself and I was a bit surprised that I was feeling good at their pace of 5:30. I ended up getting ahead of them around 6 or 7k, somehow, and didn’t see them again until after the 26k mark. At that point, I was kind of pissed that they were passing me, but I was totally running out of gas and just couldn’t keep their pace. I was thirsty and my legs were heavy. I was out of electrolytes and gels. I just wanted to be done.

But I’ll honestly say that up until about 24k, I was enjoying myself. Felt strong. The route was nice. And the temperature was cooling off quickly, especially after the sun went down. Ideal running conditions, really.

I crossed the finish with a time of 3:00:47. I went out just hoping to beat my time from March – 3:13 and change. I would have been happy with 3:10, so obviously I was ecstatic with my just-over-3-hour finish. I’m sure I have proper hill training, track workouts and many scorchingly humid runs to thank for my speedier time.

Once we got our medals, water bottles and bananas, it was time to get changed and hit up the beer garden. Pulled pork sandwiches and Steamwhistle beer was pretty much my reason to keep running during that last 6k!


I didn’t realize it until today, but last night also marked my 20th race. THAT seems crazy to me… it still feels like that Egg Nog Jog back in 2009 wasn’t so long ago.

Anyway, two PBs in one week… yep, I’ll take that.

Until the next race, friends!



  1. Ahhh…I’m so happy for u! Two PBs and your 20th race – u rock girl and once again, u r an inspiration to me to get my bum back into running gear!

    And a big congrats to Lynn too!

    P.S. Will b seeing u in November – will let u know the dates as soon as I’m booked!


    • Thanks Jojo! Means so much. And SO super excited to see you in November!!!

  2. That hamburger looks so good

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