Posted by: Kennedy | March 16, 2012

Photo Challenge, Day 10: Movie Stub

Day 10: Movie Stub

A few years ago, I made a new year’s resolution to try one new thing per week. I stuck to it for a good four months until it became less of an intentional goal than a part of my lifestyle. The idea behind that resolution was to reach outside my comfort zone and experience as much as I could. That’s how I try to live my life now. One of the “new things” I tried in that first few months? Going to the movies alone. At some point in my life I had picked up the idea that doing so meant I was sad and lonely, and other people would judge me. It made not one shred of sense – after all, I often shopped alone, went to coffee shops alone, hell, I lived alone! Why all the drama about the movies? So I took myself out on a date one Saturday afternoon. I bought myself a treat. And I picked out the best spot in the house (because I could sit wherever I wanted!). As I waited for the show to start, I noticed I was definitely not alone in my “aloneness” – there were at least a dozen other singles in the theatre. If they can do it, so can I. I still enjoy seeing movies with other people, but from time to time – like today – I’ll go by myself. I saw “Friends With Kids,” mostly because it starred half the cast of Bridesmaids. I didn’t laugh as hard – I don’t know if I ever will – but I did laugh. Out loud. In a theatre while by myself. That says something, I think.



  1. How funny! I like this post about the simple yet extremely complex way our minds work. This year I also attended a movie by myself. Before entering I waited for a beat and gave myself a pep talk. Lots of people go to the movies by themselves. Yet upon picking my seat and getting situated I almost wanted my facebook profile to pop up on the screen- instead of the scrambled celebrity faces- to show all those onlookers how many “friends” I really have. As if the world is my own Truman Show and onlookers are thinking and perhaps discussing this sad woman who hasn’t one friend to attend the movies with. Turns out the only sad fact was that I thought these strangers who I pass in the streets actually gave a basket of banana’s that I was attending alone. Oh the webs we weave and askew in our minds. I walked out of a mediocre movie with a large air of satisfaction.

    Well done my friend!


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