Posted by: Kennedy | March 9, 2012

Photo Challenge, Day 5: Foam Roller

Day 5: Foam Roller

I spent most of the day on my laptop, working. It was probably the best thing for me, since my legs were super sore after yesterday’s long run. My IT band was so tight I felt like I was doing a squat every time I sat down. So I did the only thing that would help: I rolled around on my foam roller. For those who aren’t familiar, a foam roller is a torture device stretching tool that helps loosen muscles that are tough to stretch out otherwise, particularly the iliotibial (IT) band – the tissue found on the outer part of your quad, starting at the knee and running up to the hip. Distance runners know all about the IT band, as it’s one of the most commonly tight muscles after a run. Stretching it out on a foam roller can bring tears to my eyes. But it works wonders and is most definitely one of the reasons I’ve stayed injury-free for close to two years. But oh man, does it hurt.



  1. Makes me want to roll on my foam roller…. but its packed, in a box, in Toronto. 🙂

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