Posted by: Kennedy | March 8, 2012

Photo Challenge, Day 4: Muddy running shoes

Day 4: Muddy running shoes

Today was Long Run Sunday. Around The Bay is just three weeks away, and I’m tragically behind in training. If I didn’t run 21km today, I’d have probably tried to sell my race bib. But I got out there and did it. My legs were dragging towards the end, and my Nikes are still giving me blisters on any distance beyond 10k, but my breathing held up right til the end. It was a muddy run at times, as I included the Belt Line in my route. Good thing these shoes are water-resistant and super easy to clean. Notice the dirty glove in the photo? I dropped it during a walk break while eating one of my dates. Luckily I noticed in time to run back and get it. Lots of runners out = plenty of runner’s nods and waves. During a brief few moments in the sun, I thought about how much I love running “with” my shadow. It’s like a little companion in front of me. I like looking at it – I can see my form, and watch my ponytail swing back and forth. It’s completely bizarre, but I love it. Anyone else have weird quirks like that when it comes to working out? 


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