Posted by: Kennedy | March 7, 2012

Photo challenge, Day 3: Pizzeria Libretto

Day 3: Pizzeria Libretto

Tonight I met my dear friend Lyndsay for dinner. We went to Pizzeria Libretto, the new location on the Danforth. It was one of those perfect Saturday evenings in the city – conversation with a good friend, fresh and delicious food, a glass of Valpolicella, and a stroll to Dolce for gelato and red velvet cupcakes. All the food was amazing – we shared the crostini & Rocco’s salad (totally creating my own version ASAP, so good), as well as the sausage pizza. I ate my meal at a snail’s pace… probably because we had so much to talk about, having seen each other just once since December. Lyndsay is one of those friends who I aspire to be more like. She’s down-to-earth, warm, positive, and spunky. Just a joy to be around. I rolled myself home after dessert and curled up on the couch with a blanket and a hot cup of peppermint tea. Bliss.


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