Posted by: Kennedy | March 6, 2012

Photo Challenge, Day 2: Apron

Day 2: Apron

About once a month, I get together with my friend Sampson for Dinner Club. This is a tradition I started with Joanna, which involves selecting a new recipe or two and preparing it together over some fine wine. The idea is to get out of our ‘cooking comfort zone’ whilst enjoying a lovely evening with friends on the cheap. Sometimes it’s just the two of us, other times we invite a guest or two. It’s always a blast and we chat, sip and bite well into the wee hours of the morning. Tonight was no different. We made a spinach and ricotta pasta in a tomato, garlic and olive oil base, with a dandelion greens salad on the side. It turned out deliciously, as per usual. Sampson’s friend Leslie, who is working on her PhD in nutrition, joined us and we had a lovely dinner conversation that only nutrition nerds would find interesting. And I finally christened the adorable apron my dear friend Mikaela got me for Christmas! I love it. Though I did manage to spill salad dressing on my top, just above the apron, and had to Tide Pen it out. If not completely functional, it’s flowery and pretty and I now plan to wear it every time I cook. Thanks MK 🙂



  1. Love this challenge idea Kennedy! And the apron too! I am always tempted to wear mine out of the house I love it so much 🙂

    • Thanks Kate 🙂 I think we should start a new trend!

  2. Only you could do it such justice, mon amie! Xo

    • Hah! I am willing to bet you can rock an apron just as well as I can.

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