Posted by: Kennedy | January 10, 2012

Breaking up with sugar

Sugar (oh, honey honey).

It comes in many forms. It’s highly addictive. It acidifies and dehydrates the body.  It robs us of nutrients. It weakens the immune system. It’s added into virtually every processed food out there.

And I ate more of it over the holidays than I care to think about, thanks to the many baked treats and desserts that somehow appeared in my mom’s kitchen every single day for three weeks.

Sticky Toffee Pudding (ok, maybe I made that)

I used to get down on myself for indulging in sugary treats at Christmas. Come January, I would swear off sugar to try to get back on track. But I could never “quit” sugar for more than a day or two. Why? 1) Because sugar is addicting, and 2) Because I didn’t take the right measures to help myself get through the rough parts unscathed.

This year, I know better.

Yesterday, I started Sugar Detox 2012. And I’m physically, mentally and emotionally ready to make it work this time.

Who’s with me? You can break up with sugar too! Here’s the plan:

For the next 14 days, I am going to eliminate ALL forms of sugar from my diet – refined white/brown sugar, cane sugar, molasses, agave nectar, honey, maple syrup (this one really hurts, but it’s gotta be done), brown rice syrup, you name it.

After the 14 days, I will add some natural sweeteners back into my diet, in moderation.

I fully expect to have cravings. To address them, I’ll be sure to eat plenty of:

–       Protein, especially eggs, beans and fish

–       Leafy greens. I see some spinach and kale Green Monsters in my immediate future.

–       Whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, oats and millet

–       Root vegetables like baked yams and squash

–       Fruit, especially apples

–       Nuts and seeds

–       Herbal tea. Mmm, ginger and lemon… you make it all okay.

I’ll also be having less:

–       Meat

–       Salt

–       Dairy

–       Coffee

–       Alcohol

Finally, I’ll be employing other techniques to help reduce cravings, such as:

–       Running. I’m currently on Week 4 of training for my first 30k – more on that soon!

–       Journaling. As a recovering binge eater, I’ve found writing through the cravings can be very helpful and cathartic.

–       Deep breathing & meditation. This is a personal goal of mine for 2012, so I’ll get a jump on it now – deep cleansing breaths and tuning out the world for a bit are sure to help when sugar is beckoning.

So… peace out, sugar! It’s been fun, but we need some serious time apart. It’s not me, it’s you.



  1. You’re a brave lady! I’d never be able to do it, particularly since you listed maple syrup and agave nectar. Good luck!

    • Thanks! I do expect it to hurt a bit over the next few days, but I’m confident!

  2. Super impressed with your whole direction Kennedy. Congrats…way to go!
    One question: what the heck is a Green Monster?

  3. I want to hear more about the running! Are you doing the Around the Bay run in Hamilton in March? I bailed on that one… but you’re very inspiring! Maybe next year 🙂

    • Yes, I’m doing Around the Bay! And no worries, I bailed on it last year. You’ll absolutely be ready in 2013.

  4. Way to go Kennedy. how’s it going thus far? Do you find you have to make a specific schedule to keep on track? Any pointers, would love to hear them.

    • Hey Alison! I’m going to post an update talking about my first week tomorrow, hopefully it will help!

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