Posted by: Kennedy | December 4, 2011

Race recap: Tannenbaum 10k 2011

Hold on to your elf hats, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time for the last race recap of the year: the Tannenbaum 10k! Yes, today marks the end of Race Season 2011 – and it went out like a lamb. Oh wait. That’s March, isn’t it. Whatevs.

I woke up this morning to a beautiful pink sunrise. Unfortunately, my iPhone camera didn’t fully capture its awesomeness:

Already, things were looking up. I ran Tannenbaum last year, and the weather conditions were, let’s say, less than ideal. This time around, it felt like spring as we headed to the start line in 6C temperatures and sunshine. Toward the mid-point, it started raining a bit, but it actually felt nice on our sweaty faces.

In the interest of time, primarily, I’m trying out a new format for my race recap. I know how much you guys must love reading my very in-depth analyses of each race… a girl can ramble on… but I hope you’ll enjoy the quick-and-dirty version just the same.

Distance: 10k

Neighbourhood: The Beaches (Kew Gardens/Leslie Spit)

Running buddies: Ariadne (she ran her very first 10k!!), Lynne and Manuela

Race-themed gear: Reindeer antlers

Race mascot: Reindeer (we were so en pointe).

Number of Santa suits spotted: 1

Scenery en route: Lake Ontario, the Leslie Spit & Toronto skyline

Route type: Out & Back

Volunteers: Awesome

Finish time: 1:01:27. Gun and chip times were the same, but as you can see, I was definitely not at the front of the start line. Something fishy happened there.

Number of bathroom incidents: 0 (This topic came up in conversation with friends last night. See guys, it doesn’t happen all the time..)

Post-race food: Banana, water, and bakery snacks from COB’s Bread.

Number of strangers we bugged to take group photos: Unsure. At least 5.

Number of plates of food devoured at our post-race brunch buffet feast at Whitlock’s: 2

Ratio of new/clean to old/dirty running shoes: 3:1 (Yep, it’s high time to replace those Mizunos).

Number of happy girls at the finish line: 4

Ariadne... about to cross the finish line!

Fun times, ladies! Looking forward to more race excitement in 2012 🙂



  1. such a fun report!!

  2. Glad to see you made it through without incident. Congrats.


  3. great job on yet another race! 🙂

  4. Found this, after read8ing this years post. I like your reports!

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