Posted by: Kennedy | October 13, 2011

Love for Live

Guys. Have you been to Live yet?

If your answer is yes: Good. And also… why didn’t you tell me how awesome it is??

If your answer is no: I highly recommend giving it a try, if you live in the area. It’s an organic raw food restaurant with a huge menu, a liquor license and a warm, cozy atmosphere.

I love that quote on the menu: “We believe the only way food should be processed is by the human body.” 

My school pals and I had been talking about checking it out all year, and a few weeks ago, we finally went. Them’s the breaks when all your free time is consumed by Pathology papers… sigh.

Dinner buddies!

Anyway. The five of us met at the restaurant, which is actually just a short walk from my apartment! This realization could prove dangerous… for my wallet, not my health 😉

We ordered drinks before perusing the menu. I don’t usually stray from my Cab Sauv when out to dinner, but the cocktails sounded so amazing I couldn’t pass them up. I went for the Cucumber Collins: “Organic bulldog gin, cucumber, lime & agave, sparkling water, garnished with a cucumber wedge.”

Every bit as refreshing as it sounds. Live also has organic beers, wines and martinis – and all kinds of delicious-sounding smoothies and juices.

It took us some time to order… too many choices. I already know what I’m having next time I go back. But this time around, I opted for the raw soft shell tacos: corn flax tortillas, tomato salsa, guacamole, spiced ground walnuts, and micro greens.

They were fantastic. Really, it’s likely I’m going to love anything with guacamole listed as the third ingredient.

Other dishes ordered at our table: raw tostadas, kale salad and the sunshine wrap. All winners.

And when it came time for dessert, I was all for it. I’d caught a glimpse of the raw chocolatey goodness on display earlier and I was sold. I can’t recall the name of my treat… it was two weeks ago, after all. But I do remember it tasted like a frozen chocolate ice cream bar. Ingredients? Walnuts, dates, cacao. Maybe some coconut oil? Definitely no ice cream.

So, if you’re looking for a new nutritionist-friendly spot to try out, you know where to go. And can I come??



  1. Next time i am visiting you we must go there, my treat!!

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