Posted by: Kennedy | August 28, 2011

Random Sunday

Once in a while, I write a post in a style that I like to refer to as “hodge-podge.” This is one of them.

“Hodge-podge” = A bunch of random bits of unrelated info that aren’t interesting enough to turn into a post on their own, so I combine them to create one completely random update.

Random bit #1:

I’ve restarted the 6-week Pipes Challenge (a.k.a the 100 push-up challenge). Back in the spring, when Morgan at Life After Bagels issued this challenge on her blog, I was all fired up to turn my spaghetti arms into pipes Jennifer Aniston would be jealous of. Alas, at the end of the 6 weeks, I was not quite there. I did start to see changes in my physical appearance, but the results showed more in my upper body strength – I went from collapsing on the ground after 8 sorry push-ups to knocking out 25 solid ones in a row.

Yep, those pipes could use some work.

I had plans to keep at my routine, not in hopes of actually doing 100 push-ups in a row but to maintain the strength I’d built up. But did I follow through? Not really. I blame life for getting in the way, but that’s really no excuse. So I’ve decided to start over from the beginning. I re-did the initial endurance test and am happy to report that not all that strength has been lost – I completed 17 (well, 16 and a half) push-ups. Let’s see if I can keep it up this time…

Random bit #2:

I’m almost two weeks into Caffeine Detox 2011, and it’s going surprisingly well. I’ve been drinking green smoothies almost every morning and have cut back on my coffee consumption drastically – to just two cups per week (It helps that my dad’s coffeemaker is on the fritz). So far, I’ve only had one withdrawal headache – which surfaced after 3 ½ days with no caffeine. How did I deal? By sipping some green tea, going to sleep (the headache hit around 8 p.m.), and getting myself a coffee the next morning. I’m trusting in the Slow Wean theory.

Random bit #3:

Yesterday morning, I went out for an 8 km run and returned home to a breakfast of champions, courtesy of mom: Texas-toast style French toast with pure maple syrup and blueberries, fresh peach slices, and a Green Monster. This is one of the reasons I don’t ever want to leave my parents’ house. I am getting so freakin’ spoiled.


Random bit #4:

I love family corn roasts. Yellow watermelon, anyone?



  1. omg – i so want to come to your parents house for dinner (again!) that looks awesome!!


  2. You had all that awesomeness for breakfast? You know what I had for breakfast, nothing, just like every other day. I did hang out in the backyard today and drink a bottle of wine. So there Kennedy.

    That just sounds sad.

    I miss good food at the parents’. I could use a good Sunday breakfast, and I might kill for some real maple syrup, not just step on a bug, but like, a person.

    • Jordan! Eat breakfast!!

  3. yeah at the end of the challenge me and Brad were all like “we’re not stopping until we get to 100” but we kind of got bored after 6 weeks of push ups … we keep saying we’ve got to start it up again because we totally loved our PIPES 😉

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