Posted by: Kennedy | July 1, 2011

RAB joins the century club

Brace yourself, friends… this is the 100th post of RAB. And yes, that is the first time I’ve referred to my blog in acronym form. Forgive me… I’m just getting lazy. After all…

100 posts. That’s a whole lot of rambling.

In honour of this milestone, I’ve compiled a list of randomness for your enjoyment on this long weekend (right, like you all aren’t sitting on a beach somewhere NOT reading this post)…

10 things I want to do in the next 100 days

#1: Run my third half marathon (Oct. 16) and my first 10-miler (Aug. 14)

#2: Revive my relationship with yoga (again)

#3: Perfect the art of grilling

#4: Eat as much fresh, in-season, local produce as I can get my hands on

#5: Complete a caffeine detox

#6: Read for pleasure *this must take place in August as it is the only month this year that doesn’t include a required reading list

#7: Host a fabulous Sunday brunch

#8: Swim in Lake Huron

#9: Play golf – I think it’s been over a year. Yikes. Should probably hit the driving range first.

#10: Pack a picnic and spend a day at the beach/park with friends, possibly involving a Frisbee and/or wine spritzers (feel free to sign up in the comments section)

Also… Happy Canada Day! And to our neighbours to the south, Happy Fourth of July! I am fortunate enough to have Monday off from school as well as today so I get to celebrate both holidays 😉

My weekend will include a few morning runs, hopefully some yoga (as per 100 Day Thing #2), Canada Day fireworks, my beautiful friend Caitlin’s wedding, a few catch-up visits with friends on patios, a little bit of schoolwork, a trip to the farmer’s market and perhaps the annual Toronto Pride Parade. Lots going on this glorious holiday weekend!

How are you celebrating our nation’s birthday? Anyone trekking to Ottawa to stalk down Will & Kate?



  1. sounds like you have some great summer objectives. I would like to sign up for the picnic on the beach please. I spent my Canada Day watching some really fabulous step dancing/fiddling. You can’t get much more Canadian than that, eh?

  2. And that’s 100 comments from mom.

    • Bahaha. Indeed. She’s my most faithful reader.

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