Posted by: Kennedy | June 15, 2011

Fun on the farm

Last Friday, my classmates and I went on a little adventure or, as we used to call them in elementary school, a field trip.

Yes friends, I got to board a big yellow school bus and ride far away from the four walls of the classroom to check out an organic farm.

Are we there yet??

Most of you readers out there already know that I’m not exactly a stranger to the country.

I grew up with farmland sitting about 1 km away from my house in all directions. Spotting a cow on a green pasture was a daily occurrence for me. Over time, I came to associate the smell of manure with fond memories of home. Ahh, sweet manure.

So yeah, Friday was not my first visit to a farm.

It was, however, my first experience on a certified organic farm. With guided tours by the (young and cute) farmers. And I have to say it was really cool.

We lucked out with a beauty of a day, and when we arrived, we were greeted by these friendly little furballs:

Then we met Farmer Tony…

And Farmer Jay…

Tony grew up in Toronto but moved north-east of the city a few years ago to start Wheelbarrow Farm with his dad. On their 10-acre farm, they raise pigs and chickens and grow all kinds of fresh produce – carrots, onions, asparagus, kale, sweet potatoes, raspberries, strawberries, spinach… you name it, they grow it.

We spent the morning checking out the animals. So glad to see them outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Happy animals = happy food. 

Hey, big guy!

Then we hung out in the veggie patch for a while, learning about all the techniques they use to plant, grow and harvest their crops without the use of pesticides, herbicides, GMO or chemicals.

Along with using the greenhouse effect (above), Jay told us about how they use different sustainable agriculture techniques such as cover crops, recycling manure, and crop diversity to get the healthiest harvests possible.

Zucchini plant

Asparagus... yep!

Fresh dill, growing amongst the veggies... smelled/tasted amazing!

We ate lunch on the grass, basking in the sunshine. All that was missing was a tall, refreshing pint…

And before we left, we scored some fresh goods from the farm. So fresh, infact, that the farm workers asked us to fill out our orders during the lunch break so they could harvest our produce in time for our afternoon departure!

I’ve never wanted my own vegetable garden more…



  1. Fun trip……

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