Posted by: Kennedy | June 10, 2011

Birthday cake, with a side of reflection

Last week, I celebrated my 26th birthday.

26. That’s a lot of candles….

I played hooky from school, caught the early train home and spent the day getting spoiled by the fam. Probably couldn’t have asked for a better day.

See for yourself:

Lunch at Madelyn’s Diner in Stratford. They’re known for their fish ‘n chips, and now I know why – amazing.

Steamwhistle and anatomy homework on the deck – studying the nervous system is far more enjoyable with some sunshine and a nice pilsner.

And then, BBQ and birthday fun!

Dad, a.k.a our family grill-master, firing up some grub:

Sistah love:

A few of the party animals.

Even Anabelle wanted to get it on the fun…

And then, it was time to feast! On the birthday menu: Grilled Oktoberfest sausages with caramelized onions, Grandma’s potato salad and mom’s Caesar salad. Delish!

So, another year older… I’m excited to see what 26 will bring, but let’s not dismiss 25 too quickly. After all, it was a pretty stellar year. It was the year I…

Ran my first (and second) half marathon

Fell in love with cooking, and foods like this:

Went back to school to follow my passion…

Visited New York City for the first time

Did 25 (real!) push-ups in a row… (Thanks, Pipes Challenge!)

Stopped putting sugar in my coffee

And learned a lot of lessons. One that’s really stuck with me: You’re stronger than you think you are.

Alright 26 – let’s see what you’ve got!



  1. I missed your birthday, but I guess it sounds like you had an OK time without me. Hope it was. Summer studying sounds awful, but I see you’ve found a great way to make it fun.

    Quote of the day I need to share, sans context: “Nobody is eating people when there’s a Fuddruckers in town.”

  2. Yay for 26! I just hit that milestone this week, so we’re apparently super close in time to each other. 🙂

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