Posted by: Kennedy | May 11, 2011

Scenes from taper week

With the Goodlife Toronto Half Marathon just four short days away, I’m busy basking in the glory that is taper week.

All of my runs in the past week have been no more than 6k – and they’ve all been beautiful.

Spring has officially sprung: the trees are finally budding, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining.

So, naturally, the weather forecast for race day is cool and overcast with a chance of showers.

Ah, well.

My post-race mimosa and eggs Benedict will taste amazing whether I enjoy them outside on a sunny patio or from within the shelter of a cozy pub.

And maybe if it rains, I’ll get to see another of these?

Double rainbow! Blurry shot because it was taken from a moving train 🙂

My plans for the days leading up to the race? Cooking Club with Ms. Sampson tomorrow (we are making enchiladas – yum!), a quick run on Friday morning, a trip to the race expo on Saturday, early bedtimes, rest and plenty of water and carbs. And no booze til Sunday afternoon.


And what did I do with all that spare time on Saturday morning when I wasn’t running 20k?

I made Mother’s Day treats: Angela’s chocolate dipped cookie dough balls.

It’s hard to believe, but these tasty frozen treats contain no white sugar or butter. The recipe calls for maple syrup and dates to sweeten them more naturally.

And they’re so good – the perfect chocolatey snack for a hot summer day.

Time to hit the books. Peace, friends!



  1. So any whosalls I like your blog and I also like the way you look. I am currently an unemployed 49 year old man from Korea and I just moved to this country to meet young, hot women who like to run. Jackpot. Finarry my search is over. I would cook for you. Do you like wasabi? I don’t because I am not Japanese. I am so ronrey.

    Your future boyfriend 😉

    So any whosalls a double rainbow. What does this mean? haha member that youtube video? Anyways good luck on your runsky I am in V-arna yayyy (sarcastic) so I will have to give you a call sometime in the near future. I am in the process of finding my new cell in all my boxes haha and then I will get it set up and let you know the new digits. Talk to ya soon


    • Bahaha I almost trashed this comment until I saw who it was from. You’s a jokester!

      And yeah, I wondered if anyone would pick up on the ‘double rainbow’ reference 😉

  2. Double Rainbow guy cheers me up in an instant! It never gets old, and when I saw your photo I couldn’t help but laugh!

  3. Honey bun! I’m so excited for you. Only wish I could be running along side of you on Sunday (or in reality about 1-2k behind you!). I’ll be thinking of you and can’t wait to hear how the race goes. xoxo Jo

    • Thank you my friend! I got teary reading this comment… I wish you were running with me too (and having post-race mimosas and snacks). Will definitely miss you a lot on Sunday. xo

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