Posted by: Kennedy | May 2, 2011

Bring on taper week!

Training for a race isn’t all sunshine and lollipops and endorphins.

Yes, it’s important to have a goal to work towards. It’s what helps you drag your butt out of bed.

But all kinds of things can get in the way – and sometimes it feels like you’re never going to get there.

Sometimes, it just plain sucks.

Chafing also sucks (yes, that is a panty-liner... whatever, it works).

So it has been with this half-marathon. When I started training back in February, it felt like May – and spring weather – was years away. And yet, here we are… dozens of snowstorms, early Sunday mornings, and many, many kilometres later… and the race is just around the corner.

Yesterday I finished my last long Sunday run before the big day – 20k. And I have to say I couldn’t be more relieved to see a taper week.

I admit training has been more challenging this time around. Last summer, my only distractions were patios and beaches. That’s nothing compared to blizzards, ridiculous wind chill temperatures, warm beds, tests and assignments.

I slacked off a bit in the middle of training. I missed a few hills nights here and there. And my coach at the Running Room must think I dropped out of the clinic because I can’t even remember the last Thursday night or Sunday morning run I showed up for.

(What she doesn’t know is that I’ve been lugging my running gear home with me every weekend – and using it (almost) every time). I’m hoping I’ve done enough to make it to the finish upright and smiling.

Ohh Egg Nog, how I miss you...

I must say I’ve missed the long Sunday runs in the city. It’s pretty tough to knock out 20k in a town the size of Clinton. I have to run on virtually every street. Twice. I map out a route that goes around the entire town, run it, then start over and run it again.

I have no running buddies. And there are only two stoplights, which means a lot fewer “extra” breaks.

But, I know it’ll all be worth it when I cross the finish line at Queen’s Park in two weeks. I’m already thinking about what to order at brunch…



  1. Oh what sweet memories – taper weeks and the nervous anticipation of the upcoming big run! All your hard work running around Clinton and Toronto will pay off. Just wish that I was running it with you!

    Bonne chance, mon amie! xo

  2. Thanks friend – I wish you were too! I feel like printing out a photo of you and bringing you along in my fuel belt 😉

  3. You can do it……..go girl!!!

  4. You can do it Kennedy!! Just divide the race up into two 10km then 10km. You will be great and its a wonderful accomplishment, I know as I have done it myself 🙂

    • Thanks Alison, I appreciate it! My 1st one was Scotiabank last fall and it was great so I’m hoping Goodlife goes just as well!

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