Posted by: Kennedy | April 19, 2011

I’m still alive (and running)

You may have noticed my lack of posting so far this month. I sure have…

It’s been an especially crazy few weeks.

As usual, school’s been super busy. I finished two more courses last week and am on to two more – Comparative Diets and Biochemistry (eek!).

I made Majestic Mac & Cheese for the fam… and it went over very well. Much better than the tabouleh and kale…

I also took a mini-vacay last week to visit my younger sister in Branson, Missouri, where she is performing with a group of dancers called Canadian Powerhouse for a month in Silver Dollar City.

I love these skirts! Madi's third from the left 🙂

I saw her show three times when I was there – and not once did I get through the entire thing without tears. Yes, I’m the proudest – and sappiest – big sister around!

Annnd it’s back to regularly scheduled programming.

Right now, I’m procrastinating on my biochem homework – an assignment that’s due tomorrow after I write not one, but two quizzes. Yay, school…

So tonight’s post will be a quick one. Just wanted to let you know I’m still alive and running (but not nearly enough in the last week!).

I also want to update you on my Pipes Challenge progress…

I finished Week 2 feeling pretty good – it was the first time I actually started feeling stronger, like I could pump out 15 push-ups in a row without collapsing.

Then I did my endurance test.

Turns out, I CAN do more than 15 without collapsing. That’s right. Yes, I can do exactly two more… 17… then I collapse.

This means I’ve been bumped down to the first column going forward. A bit of a bruise to the old ego, sure. But then I saw the numbers for the Week 3 sets and instantly felt better!

Almost halfway there… slow and steady, peeps, slow and steady.



  1. that mac and cheese was deeelicious!!!!
    and the dance show was truly AWESOME!!!
    i agree Kennedy, it was very emotional seeing little madi up there.

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