Posted by: Kennedy | March 25, 2011

Losing my Mojo…

This wasn’t the week I expected to have. I’m afraid I’ve lost my mojo a little bit…

I woke up on the weekend with the surefire sign of a cold – a sore throat. I tried to shake it but before I knew it, nasty phlegm started making an appearance. By Sunday night, I felt exhausted and totally run-down.

The night before I was to start my Pipes Challenge.

Is my body subconsciously trying to sabotage me? Maybe…

Or maybe I’m just due for my yearly cold.

Regardless, I decided to postpone my first day of pushups to next Monday. I want to do this right and I know myself pretty well – if I’m not feeling up to it, I’ll bail once, then twice, and pretty soon I’ll just give up entirely. And I’m not letting myself off the hook that easily.

And not that I want to get into the habit of using school as an excuse, but I did have two tests this week – both of which I failed to study for over my March Break. Study stress + head cold = next to impossible to drag my butt off the couch.

The other unhappy surprise this week? Old Man Winter decided to pay us a visit – just days after I declared the official arrival of spring with my first sweaty run of the season.

The snow seriously destroyed my motivation. I haven’t gone running all week and I’m thinking this weekend will be pretty difficult too. Snow-covered sidewalks and slushy roads? No thanks, I’d rather have the ability to walk. Oh, and apparently I’m due for 14k on Sunday.

Crap. When is that half marathon again?

Oh yeah… in 7 weeks. And the longest run of late has been about 8k. Cue the panic…

I’m holding out hope that I’ll track down my inspiration next week – I’m in a race a week from Saturday and if that doesn’t do it, I’m afraid I might be beyond help.

I signed up for this race a few months ago. It’s one I’ve never done before and I’m super excited about it – the Harry Rosen Spring Run-Off 8K in High Park. I’m counting on you to help me find my mojo, Harry. Please don’t let me down.

Also – I’m finding myself in a bit of a food funk lately… anyone have any awesome recipes I need to make immediately?? If so, share please. You can help me find my mojo too 😉



  1. Hey! My roomate is running that race too! I’ll be there…If you see a girl in a wheelchair clapping like crazy, that’d be me!

    • Awesome! Race spectators have very important jobs – you make everything so much more fun. Will watch out for you!

  2. hey there! new reader over here. also from toronto, also running Harry Spring off.

    which half are u running? Toronto or Mississauga?

    ya it sucks that winter came back. maybe that is why u lost ur mojo. i hate when that happens. i had a set back the week before but now im back into training and seemed to have the mojo back.

    hope u have a great weekend. stop by my blog sometime. www.

    • Hey Aneta, thanks for reading! Will definitely check out your blog. I’m running the Toronto half on May 15th.
      Good luck at Harry’s!

  3. Hi Kennedy. I think we both got the throat thing from Maddy. Didn’t go to work Thurs. (can’t remember the last time I took a sick day). So I know how you’ve been feeling.
    Hope you get well soon.

    • Ahh… the culprit is revealed. I’m on the mend now…. Sorry to hear you caught it too… and that it takes a nasty cold to make you take a day off!

  4. The return of winter kind of threw me for a loop too. I’m ready for some sunshine.
    Harry’s spring run off should be fun though! I hear good things…I hope there’s good weather for you next weekend!

    • Thanks Hayley! I hope so too… today’s run will be a chilly one but at least the sun’s out 🙂

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