Posted by: Kennedy | March 18, 2011

March Break Madness

Hello strangers!

I know I disappeared for a while there. I’ve been taking full advantage of my March Break by staying away from the computer as much as possible – a difficult thing when you have schoolwork and work-work to get done. So, the blog has taken a backseat.

Let me start by sharing a few of the more interesting things I’ve been up to on my break:


Black Bean Croquettes, made by mom

...with my tabouleh and some coleslaw on the side. Yum.

Mini tuna steaks & sweet potato/quinoa/broccoli mix with greens. More yum.


Hanging with my buddy Myles

Catching up with the lovely Alana Holtom over local, organic burgers at McCabe’s, Kitchener’s newest Irish pub (I apologize for the terrible iPhone photo)…

Running… 7k this morning in the sunshine. It was the first run of the year where long sleeves felt far too warm. Hells yeah.

Rubber-boot purchasing… (Polka dots or no?)

And basically just hanging out. As much as I’m enjoying school, I kind of really wish this week wasn’t over.

Especially because I’m starting something on Monday that I’m already sort of dreading…

Morgan’s Pipes Challenge a.k.a the 100 push-up challenge.

SCARY. But also completely necessary for me.

I have zero upper body strength. Like a lot of runners, I tend to avoid any other exercise but running… to my own detriment. I have a really tough time motivating myself to stick to any other form of exercise. I’m hoping this challenge will give me the push I need to do my push-ups (yes, lame pun intended).

I’ll post my own personal goals for the challenge over the weekend. I’m not sure I’ll be as ambitious as to go for 100, seeing as I can only do 8 (that’s EIGHT. So very sad) consecutive proper push-ups right now. Yeah – these spaghetti arms have got to go. Stay tuned.



  1. It’s been great having you around to cook with, sip with and hang out with.
    you can do 8 regular push ups?? That sounds like alot to me!!
    Good luck with the exercise “push” ~mom~

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