Posted by: Kennedy | March 4, 2011

Three classes down, a lot more to go…

Today marks the final day of my Ayurveda class, bringing the total number of classes I’ve completed so far to three. I’m sorry, but does anyone else feel like that should even be possible at this point? Did I not just start school like two weeks ago?

Apparently two months have gone by. Ummm what?

I guess that’s what happens when your courses are short and jam-packed with readings, tests and assignments.

Oh, and when you’ve started training for a half-marathon while also working part-time and trying to manage something of a social life:

Me and some beer-loving friends at Steam Whistle Brewery

Steam Whistle Brewery staff minding the bottles...

Stopping during my run to admire Casa Loma

And you wondered why I haven’t blogged in a week…

I feel like this entire year will be a crash-course in time management. So far, I’d say I’m passing… but only because of the bell curve.

School is definitely taking priority in my life right now, as it should. But I miss doing some of the things I’ve let fall by the wayside, like yoga and spinning (which I had better start doing more of along with running or my body will start hating me again).

I keep meaning to put a schedule together, but so far it hasn’t happened. Long story short – I need to be a better planner. I’m a To-Do-lister by nature so I know it’s me in somewhere.

In the meantime, here are a few nutrition tidbits from my first few courses:

–       There is a link between diabetes and chromium deficiency

–       Vitamin B12 deficiency isn’t necessarily linked to a diet low in B12-rich foods – it’s more likely to be caused by lack of protein (which increases stomach acid required for proper digestion)

–       For pregnant women, folic acid is most important in the first 28 days after conception

–       British sailors got the nickname “limeys” because they ate limes to fight off scurvy

–       A great source of most B vitamins? Avocado

–       In digestion, a healthy “transit” time = 14 hours. How can you test this? Eat beets… and wait.

–       Are your kids picky eaters? Give them a chewable B complex vitamin – it helps stimulate appetite in children.

–       Foods don’t inherently contain “bad” cholesterol. It can become a problem if it is broken down by the body in an undesirable way – and this is most often due to lack of nutrients, especially antioxidants, in the system to facilitate transport and avoid clogging of arteries.

–       According to Ayurvedic medicine, we are all born with a constitution (“Prakruti”) which dictates our physical, mental and emotional tendencies. When it is out of balance over time, chronic conditions, acute ailments and degenerative diseases result.

–       The three constitutions: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

–       To determine your constitution, you must fill out a sort of lengthy survey that asks you everything from your eye colour and skin type to your appetite, amount of sweat and emotional tendencies.

–       My constitution (aka my “Dosha) is Pitta. The “fiery” one. 😉

Now, onwards and upwards… to my latest set of textbooks for my next two classes: Preventative Health Care and Nutrition Through The Life Span. Oooooh…

When does a girl get a break? Oh wait, soon – one more week of class til March Break! I love the student life, I really do.



  1. Hey Kennedy, sounds like you’ve got a full plate right now… nyuck nyuck.
    Glad to see school is going well and that you’re still jamming in some running when you can. I just started running again myself after a *cough* brief hiatus.

    Rejoice! March break is upon you 🙂 Enjoy it, I’m sure you earned it.

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