Posted by: Kennedy | February 12, 2011

Day 5: TGIV! (Thank God It’s Vegan)

Yesterday, I finally had to venture outside the comforts of my own animal-product-free kitchen. I was a tad anxious about this but knew that if I just did my research I would be okay.

I packed some vegan-approved snacks to get me off to a good start:

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been having such a craving for sushi lately. I knew I’d be near my beloved Ichiban Sushi when I went into the office yesterday so I took the opportunity to head there for lunch. I called ahead to place my order, and was assured that both rolls I selected were vegan. Perf!

Pictured above in all its glory is my all-time favourite veggie roll – yam & avocado – as well as a nice and compact little cucumber roll. Craving satisfied.

Later, I met some girlfriends for a drink, feeling confident that my afternoon snack of almonds, veggies and hummus would hold me over until I got home to make dinner. We ended up ordering two appetizers to split – vegetarian spring rolls and edamame. I never did ask our server to confirm if the spring rolls were vegan – I just assumed they had snuck in an animal product in there somewhere. But the edamame was tasty!

I was still super hungry by the time I got home. Luckily I had planned a dinner that could be prepared in 10 minutes: Stuffed peppers filled with leftover tabouleh and a side of Brussels sprouts.

Such a pretty plate, no? And so FILLING. Stuffed peppers always do the trick.

I’ve spent most of the afternoon working on an assignment for my Fundamentals class in which I put together a five-day meal plan. I actually used a lot of recipes I’ve posted on the blog – why not go with what you know, right? Anyway, it certainly worked up my appetite for tonight’s dinner – the final Oh She Glows recipe of the week – vegan chili! Can’t wait.

p.s. This morning I went grocery shopping… the challenge is over tomorrow so my list, though still largely vegan, included some non-vegan foods. Imagine my shock when I came home only to realize I had completely forgotten to buy cheese! The very thing I’ve been craving all week. It’s probably for the best – it would surely have been calling my name from the fridge all weekend.



  1. Great post!! Thanks for sharing your vegan adventures. I am trying to eat less meat and even that is a challenge. Bravo!

    • Thanks Kelly! It’s been a fun, eye-opening week. I have no doubt you’ll come up with some amazing vegetarian dishes!
      Mom – the vegan chili was good! Bean-tastic.

  2. Good for you Kennedy! You have stuck with your plan so well!
    How did the vegan chili turn out?

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