Posted by: Kennedy | January 4, 2011

Simple switches in 2011

Last year, I did pretty well on my new year’s resolutions.

#1 – Run a half marathon


#2 – Start a blog


#3 – Make a monthly budget

Check – for the month of January. So this one was kind of a fail.

#4 – Try something new each week

Check – for the first few months, then I stopped tracking. But I didn’t stop trying new things. This resolution became something of a habit. And whether it happens once every seven days or not, it’s become part of my routine to mix it up on a regular basis. Highlights include:

–       Eating Brussels sprouts

–       Going to a circus aerials class

–       Travelling to Montreal and New York City

–       Cooking Indian food

–       Going to the movies by myself

–       Eating lobster

I like setting new year’s resolutions each year because I’m a goal setter by nature. I like structure. I like being focused on achieving something specific. And I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I succeed. I’m fairly organized, but I constantly make To-Do lists just so I can feel the satisfaction of crossing off each item. Love it!

But for some reason, I’m lacking motivation to set goals for 2011. Maybe it’s because this year is going to be so unpredictable with going back to school that I don’t want to set goals I may be unable to achieve. Or maybe it’s because, as Susan puts it, New Year’s resolutions are so 2008….

So this year, I’m following her lead and making a few “simple switches,” inspired by Simply Bar. The idea is to inspire people to make health a habit, one switch at a time. Instead of vowing to follow vague resolutions like “lose weight” or “eat better,” this program is about making simple changes that will be easy to maintain when the novelty of our well-meaning resolutions wears off around February.

So here are a few simple switches I’m going to make this year:

1. After dinner, drink more green tea and less red wine

2. Do 10 minutes of strength exercises instead of 10 minutes of TV watching

3. Eventually cut out sugar in my coffee

4. Instead of following external cues to eat, listening to my body and eating only when I feel hunger

5. Instead of watching repeats of sitcoms well into the evening, go to bed and aim for my 8 hours per night

Bring it on 2011!



  1. For me, simple switches are much easier than resolutions. One day at a time! Good luck to you also 🙂

  2. Love these!!! Especially the sugar in coffee one because I made the same switch a few years ago. I now drink it black or with a splash of almond milk. Plus, you feel hardcore when ordering a black coffee 😉

    Good luck in class tomorrow!!

    • Thanks! I chickened out and went for my usual ‘half sugar’ yesterday… will attempt to work up the nerve later in the week!

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