Posted by: Kennedy | November 18, 2010

Ladies who Lobster

There are few things I enjoy more than cooking up a big delicious feast with friends. Add in a never-before-tried entree and champagne and I’m literally too excited to sleep.

That’s why I was so looking forward to the latest and greatest in the Cooking Club series, hosted by Ms. Jennifer Sampson in her lovely new home!

On the menu: Lobster tails with dill butter & pistachios on a bed of saffron risotto with leeks.

What a funny coincidence. My Newfoundland-born Cooking Club co-founder Joanna had made the executive decision that our next kitchen adventure would feature the food she grew up on (and the food I’d never tasted): lobster. Then, as we flipped through the Holiday 2010 issue of Food & Drink, what did we find but a recipe for lobster tails.

It was clearly fate.

So last night, Joanna, Caitlin and I, with lobster-filled cooler in tow, arrived at our hostess’s ready to cook an awesome meal. The ladies surprised me with a bottle of champagne to toast my return to school in January. So very sweet and thoughtful of them!

Ms. Sampson had prepared some artichokes in a tasty oil and vinegar sauce to whet our appetites…

And we snacked on some AMAZING cheese on crackers. We obviously needed sustenance to create a beautiful meal like this one.

To make our challenge a little less overwhelming, we split up into teams.

Joanna was the one-woman show on Team Lobster:

While Jennifer worked her magic as the leader of Team Green Beans

And Cait and I joined forces on Team Risotto!


Sidenote: Everyone, meet saffron, the world’s most expensive spice. Good thing we only needed this much to soak in white wine before throwing it in with the rice.

Meanwhile, Jennifer joined Team Lobster and help Jo prepare the dill butter sauce for the lobster. Mmmmm….

By this point, the kitchen was filled with savoury smells and everything was just about ready to devour. The ‘Team’ idea was a good one since it meant all of the pieces of this meal came together at just the right time. And I couldn’t have waited much longer!

Champagne’s all gone — time to eat!

Not wanting to waste any of that delicious lobster, we added the leftover meat into the risotto.

After plating, we topped everything with pistachios and… voila! A plate of perfection.

Come on… tell me that ISN’T gorgeous.

We sat in Ms. Sampson’s cozy new dining room to sip white wine and enjoy the fruits of our labour…

Let me just say that lobster has been hyped up in my mind for months, YEARS even. Though I’m not sure a single member of my immediate family has ever tried it, many, many friends have told me how fantastic it is and that I must try it this instant.

Also, if you follow the blog, you’ll know that seafood and I have only recently developed a relationship. And it’s casual…. experimental, if you will…

I haven’t been able to commit to mussels yet. Scallops and I haven’t seen each other in a while. Calamari is great, if I can share him with a friend. So even though I was excited to meet Lobster, I still had my doubts that we would hit it off.

Well, friends, I think this might be it.

It was melt-in-your-mouth awesome. Everything was. It was just so rich… I felt like we were at some fancy soiree that I was ridiculously underdressed for.

I didn’t clean my plate – but I blame that on the blue cheese.

After dinner, we retired to the ‘lounge’ area off the kitchen to enjoy some Mojitos made with fresh mint from Ms. Sampson’s garden!

To sum up: Great fun, amazing food and wonderful friends! Lobster night at Cooking Club is going down in the history books.



  1. Wow, what a beautfiul looking plate of food!!!!

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