Posted by: Kennedy | November 9, 2010

I love dinners that rhyme

When it comes to food, I like to plan ahead. I enjoy taking the time to track down recipes, make lists of ingredients, and go on weekly grocery store adventures. Once in a while there may be a random trip to Whole Foods in the mix, but I try to keep the aisle-browsing to a minimum.

Since all of this takes considerable time – something I run short of most weekdays – I tend to do my meal planning over the weekend. In fact, I look so forward to my grocery hauls that I often set my alarm on Saturday morning just so I can beat the rush to the produce section.

This weekend I did no such thing, as I was out of town enjoying homecooked meals made by mom. Hey, I’m not complaining. But it meant that come Monday morning, I opened my fridge and saw half a carton of almond milk and some chicken stock staring back at me. Humph.

As a result, lunch today consisted of an $11 mixture from the Longo’s salad bar. Fresh, healthy and delicious, but also guilt-inducing. I could have made the same thing at home for about $2.

I raced to the grocery store after work to pick up dinner items and the rest of my food for the week. No time to meal-plan so it was all guesswork. Indeed, I felt a bit lost roaming around the store without a precise list of items to guide me through, like I was certain I was forgetting something.

Luckily, I did have a plan for tonight’s dinner, thanks to the brilliant suggestion of my colleague Caitlin….

Zucchini fettuccine, which not only rhymes and sounds awesome, it is so easy to make that Cait literally described the entire recipe in our 30 seconds together before we parted ways from the office.

It started out the same way 90 per cent of my recipes seem to start…

Garlic and onions in olive oil. Seriously, what would I eat without these ingredients?

Threw in some fresh basil, chopped…

And after a few minutes of sauteeing, added grated zucchini (I used almost an entire medium-sized zucchini).

After stirring everything together and letting it saute a little longer, I poured in a bit of chicken stock (didn’t measure it, maybe 1/4 cup in total?)

Of course, while this magic was brewing, I was also cooking some whole-wheat fettuccine.

And just like that: an awesome dinner in 15 minutes flat.


I topped it with some pepper and parmesan cheese… and poured myself a glass of Cab Sauvignon for good measure.

The verdict: This was so tasty! Next time, though, I’ll add a protein to the mix. It wasn’t exactly a stick-to-your-ribs kind of dinner.

And now, tonight’s big question: Are you a ‘list’ shopper or a ‘wing-it’ shopper?



  1. I’m big on meal plans and using lists, but I actually HATE coming up with them. Then going to the store can be a pain since I have to drag along a 2 year old. Not the most peaceful experience.

    • Yikes! I can definitely appreciate that. And cooking for toddlers must be a whole other experience, especially if they’re anywhere near as picky as I was as a kid!

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