Posted by: Kennedy | November 7, 2010

Run along the Avon

Today’s 10k run had a few special guests…


A whole bunch of Canada geese! And a few ducks, and some seagulls…

I’m home at my parents’ for the weekend and this morning I played chaffeur, taking my sister to her dance practice in Stratford. It’s a 45 minute drive away, and her practice was an hour and a half.

I had schlepped all of my running gear home with me so I could go for a run, and I wasn’t about to miss my opportunity to enjoy the sunshine on this fine Sunday morning. So I threw everything in the car and ran around Stratford while I waited for my sister. Two birds, one stone.

I knew exactly where I wanted to start – along the Avon river. So pretty!


And the prettiness continues…


I love this town.

Took my time (as you can tell I was part runner, part photographer today) and finished in 1:10, with just enough time to drive across town and pick up my sister.

On the way home, I sipped on my Sigg and ate a banana. Post-run fuel is especially important when you’re looking at a long commute home afterwards… I was about ready to eat the peel by the time I got home.

Off to enjoy what’s left of my weekend with the fam!



  1. Hi Kennedy. It was great to have you here for my birthday. And thanks for being the chauffeur. It looks like you had a beautiful run!

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