Posted by: Kennedy | October 24, 2010

Who doesn’t love a casserole?

It’s been four weeks since the half marathon. I’ve done exactly 7 runs since then – only two of which have been over 10 km. Clearly I’ve taken a slight hiatus from training. And blogging. Life’s been busy.

It takes a few weeks away from something you love to make you realize how much you really need it. I’m restless when I’m not running. I don’t eat as well. I’m more irritable. And I just feel blah.

Today I set out on a long Sunday run – ahhhh I’ve missed these! 13 km later, I felt like a new person.

It was not a perfect run – I got a major cramp, I almost got hit by a car, and towards the end I started to feel nauseous. But my stress level has been drastically reduced… and I feel healthy today.

I didn’t have any gels so I tried out some electrolyte chews instead. After the race I bought a package of strawberry-flavoured Clif shot blocks, but I hadn’t gone on a run long enough to try them out yet.

They come in a pack of six, and I knew I wouldn’t need that many so I took three in a Ziploc bag. I ended up eating just one, around the 55-minute mark. They were tasty and almost as easy to suck back as a gel.

I came home, made some lunch and headed back out again for groceries. I bought all the fixings for a broccoli and cheddar rice casserole – my new recipe for the week.

I found this recipe on FoodBuzz and adapted it slightly by adding chicken and black beans to give it more protein. It was simple and delicious – who doesn’t love a casserole?

I boiled 1 cup long grain brown rice with 1 ½ cups water and a teaspoon of butter. Once it was brought to a boil, I cooked it covered on low heat for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, I steamed 1 cup of broccoli florets and cut up a cooked chicken breast into 1 inch chunks. I also grated 1 cup of cheddar cheese.

When the rice was ready, I mixed it in a casserole dish with the broccoli, chicken, ¾ cup black beans and ½ cup cheese. I also sprinkled in salt and pepper to taste.

Then I baked it at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Finally, I added the rest of the cheese on top and baked it for 5 more minutes.

End result: A warm, cheesy, satisfying dinner – with lots of leftovers to spare.

And to polish off the meal, a generous glass of red…

Could Sunday night get any better?

Actually, yes, it could. If I had HBO, I could be enjoying this meal while watching the new Dexter. But instead I have to settle for basic cable and Desperate Housewives…



  1. that looks sooooo good!! Could be that i just got home from dance practise with madi, we had an early supper at 5 and it was quite light. But that casserole would look great even if i wasn’t starving. I’m about to start watching season 2 of dexter. We finished season one today, quite a twist in the plot at the end…….i had no idea he had a brother!!!

  2. Hey Kennedy, glad you’re still running and trust me I know how you feel. I haven’t been out in almost 4 weeks due to my knee and I’m starting to get restless. The clinic you referred me to is great, I’ll hopefully be back in it before too long. Boy do I miss those Sunday morning runs.
    Also, the casserole looks yummy 🙂

    • Sorry to hear Pat, hope you get healed up soon. I know it’s frustrating, but you’ll get it back!

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