Posted by: Kennedy | September 30, 2010

It’s my blogiversary…so I made truffles!

Six months ago today, I kicked off this blog with a slightly rambling post about how I was embracing a healthier lifestyle. I was posting once a week, if that, and making an effort to document my cooking adventures and training runs.

It started out as an experiment; I’d been following a bunch of food and fitness bloggers and it seemed like a lot of fun. Plus I love writing. So I gave it a shot… and it’s become a big part of my life.

I’m still a newbie, but I’m starting to learn a few tricks as I go along. Like how people enjoy reading posts with lots of pretty photos as opposed to one full of text. So now I’m trying to become a better photographer… key word here is trying!

I’ve also noticed that in order to start conversations on your own blog, it helps to be active in the blogger community. I never used to comment on other people’s posts – it wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy them, or think they were brilliantly written. I totally did – I just didn’t feel compelled to comment.

That was before I had a blog. Now I appreciate so much more the amount of thought, time and effort that goes into blogging. I’ve been there, obsessively refreshing my blog stats page after publishing a post I was particularly proud of, with nary a response. I remind myself that I don’t blog for other people, I blog for me… but there’s nothing like getting a reaffirming comment (especially from someone outside my family – no offense, mom).

I’ve learned a lot, discovered countless new recipes, and even made a few online friends 🙂

Now… onto the delicious part of my post…

In honour of my blogiversary, I decided to make a special treat for myself and my family (I’m also on holidays this week with lots of time on my hands :)).

Recently, I spotted a recipe for Oreo Truffles on Gingerbread Bagels. She had contributed a batch to a blogger bake sale on Carrots n Cake. I wanted to buy them but the bid was already up to $70 – too rich for my blood. (I ended up winning Julie’s Savvy Pumpkin Scones and am anxiously waiting for them to arrive in the mail any day now!)

So instead, I tracked down the recipe on her blog and decided that, with only three ingredients and minimal prep time, I would absolutely add these to my ‘to make’ list.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know I’m not much of a baker. I barely ever bake. I don’t yet have the proper tools, or the patience to be honest. But these looked too amazing to pass up.

The ingredients:

First, take a box of Oreos and grind them up in a food processor until they are fine crumbs. Measure about a cup of the crumbs,  put them in a bowl and set aside. At the end, you’ll sprinkle these crumbs over the truffles.

Next, mix a 250g package of cream cheese in with the remaining crumbs.

Place spoonfuls of the mixture onto a lined baking sheet. Then roll each one into a ball with your hands.

It's messy work, but someone's gotta do it...

Next, take cheesy photos:

Taste-testing is key...

Anabelle was curious...

Set the tray in the freezer for 20 minutes so they harden. In the meantime, melt a bag of white chocolate chips in the microwave.

Dip each truffle into the white chocolate mixture, using a fork/knife combo to remove excess, and place on baking sheet.

This is what a fail looks like.

After I’d coated about six truffles, I started to notice my bowl of white chocolate was starting to turn brown and was taking on a sticky consistency. It all sort of clumped together, and I knew there was no way I’d be able to coat another 12 truffles with the sad mixture remaining.

So I improvised. I melted half a bag of butterscotch chips. And I changed my dipping technique: instead of placing the truffles into the bowl, I spooned the coating onto each truffle and spread it around with a knife. It was more time consuming, but it worked.

The result… Kennedy’s Butterscotch Oreo Truffles (patent pending…)

This treat was a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion 🙂 I sampled one of each…. both are melt-in-your-mouth AMAZING. Guaranteed to satisfy the sweetest sweet tooth.



  1. dear lord Kennedy those look AMAZINGGGG!!! I’m at work and my mouth is watering lol.
    Great job on the half marathon darling, very impressive.If you happen to be coming to the cottage before it snows let me know I’ll come by and see you ok?? Miss you.

    • Thanks hun! And yes, they are ridiculously delicious 🙂 I’m pretty sure I’ll be at the cottage over Thanksgiving – would LOVE to see you! I’ll keep you posted.

  2. Aww Ken – I always read your blog! But like you I don’t ever post comments. These truffles look great though! Almost makes me want to try making them (except I lack a food processor). I’m thinking you should whip up a batch for when we get together for Christmas : )

    • That’s a good idea! And I don’t have a food processor either, that’s why I had to make these at mom and dad’s… I’ve decided I need to invest in one!

  3. Hey Kennedy, congrats on the blogiversary! I’m still trying to get my act together and write my own but if only there was an extra 6 hours a day…

    Those little nuggets look amazing, maybe Chelle and I can make some this Christmas and crush a little candycane in with the Oreos. Thanks for the recipe and tips for icing.

  4. […] also baked. Twice. ME! I think I may have caught a bit of a baking bug. The Oreo Truffles I mentioned in my last post were a huge success – I had to put the last remaining white […]

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