Posted by: Kennedy | September 29, 2010

Bottomless Baked Penne

The best way to fuel up before a big race? Carbs. My carb of choice? Pasta, and lots of it.

As I mentioned in my race recap, I made sure to fuel up with plenty of pasta on Saturday. Leftover ravioli for lunch, followed by a colourful roasted vegetable baked penne at Joanna’s. It was just like any other Cooking Club night, minus the wine.

This meal was both easy to make and delicious to eat. The recipe also made a MOUNTAIN of pasta, so I would recommend halving the recipe, or possibly even quartering it, depending on how many dinner guests you have. On Saturday night, it was dinner for two. And we have leftovers for about eight.

We munched on crackers with cheese and red pepper mango jelly (YUM) as we chopped up bell peppers, onions and summer squash….

We peeled and chopped one pepper squash, one acorn squash, one red pepper, one orange pepper and one yellow onion into 1-inch cubes. We placed all the veggies in a large bowl and tossed with olive oil and herbs.

Then we roasted them in the oven for about 30 minutes.

In the meantime, we cooked a box of penne…

And cooked a couple of beef sausages with sage in oil over medium heat…

Then, we mixed the pasta and veggies together…

Added frozen peas…

And the sausage…

Then, the cheese!! Fontina, mozzarella and parmesan...

And a jar of tomato sauce…

Gave it all a good stir…

And popped it in the oven for approx. 30 minutes. The final product? Cheesy deliciousness.

A nice big plate of carbs:

With water, not wine, to drink…

Jo’s ready to race!

And even with those big half-marathon-sized portions, we barely made a dent in the dish:

Into the freezer it went. I now have lots of go-to home-made lunches at the ready 🙂 Dare I say I may get sick of eating pasta by the time it’s all gone?


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