Posted by: Kennedy | September 24, 2010

It’s the end of an era…

Tonight marks the official end to my half marathon clinic. It was bittersweet. And surprisingly emotional! Oh dear… if I’m getting teary-eyed as my instructor talks about how far we’ve come and how proud she is of us (I heart you Sam!), WHAT am I going to be like as I cross the finish line?!?

I really hope I’m not sobbing uncontrollably in my finish photo…

After a short pep talk about what to do over the next few days to prepare, I headed out for a make-up 7.5 km race pace run with my fellow delinquent runners who missed last night’s training.

It was super hard. I should have taken it easier on myself. 10 minutes in, all I could think about was “how much farther til I can turn around?”

I was far behind most of the group by the second half… so behind I couldn’t even see them. I think my issue was trying to keep up with them in the first place – their goal time is 1:50. Yeah, that’s a little faster than my 2:15!

After I stopped, I felt my muscles start to seize up. I tried to keep moving but still felt pain in my knee and my groin. This groin pain thing is new and totally annoying. I think I overexerted myself in yoga last weekend and haven’t fully healed. Will have to make that area a priority for my massage on Saturday morning 🙂

Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t have a perfect run tonight. Practice runs are where you’re allowed to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them.

Tonight I learned that on Sunday, I may want to go flying out of the gate. It’s my competitive nature – if I see people kicking my butt ahead of me, my first instinct will be to pick it up and go after them. But now I know it will be far better if I hold back and take it easy at first, so I’ll be sure to last until the end. Upright and smiling Kennedy, upright and smiling.

Now… here’s why I didn’t make it to running last night:

I went to a pre-season NHL game: Toronto Maple Leafs vs. my Ottawa Senators. GO SENS GO!

Unfortunately…. Sens lost. But it was still a good game to watch and my bro and I had fun cheering on our guys surrounded by Leafs fans.

My dinner was less than healthy last night: Greasy arena pizza and beer. Don’t tell my running instructors…

But… I had to have a little fun before I start my 48-hours-before-the-race-and-counting preparation tomorrow. Here’s a sneak peek:

– Carb loading mania (Pasta, pasta, bread, pasta)

– Resting the legs (a.k.a. Operation: Sit on the Couch)

– 60 minute massage (a.k.a. Hour of Sweet Bliss)

–  No alcohol

– Seriously early bedtimes

Some of this is going to be amazing. Some of it is going to hurt. I’ll check in over the next few days and show you how I’m surviving.




  1. Wish i could be there to hug you when you cross the finish line on sunday!!!!!
    Break a leg 🙂

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