Posted by: Kennedy | September 19, 2010

Taper Sunday

Normally, Sundays are for running my longest distances. I’m used to getting up early, eating a solid breakfast, packing up my electrolytes and gels, wrapping my insoles in oversize bandaids, applying Body Glide to my chafe-prone areas, and heading out to run for two + hours.

Today was taper Sunday. A totally low-maintenance 6 km. I took advantage of this and slept in til 8:30. I had a leisurely breakfast and after filling up a few bottles on my fuel belt, I grabbed my new stopwatch and headed out the door.

Not one minute in, my quads hurt. Less than ideal. I started cursing my yoga teacher for doing such a challenging class yesterday. I cursed myself for not using my foam roller afterwards. And I continued on.

It didn’t get easier. I felt tired, sore, and out of breath for most of the run. Granted, I was running alone, with music, and therefore my pace was a little faster than it should have been (average 6:19 min/km). Also, the area around my house is a lot hillier than downtown, where I usually do my runs with the Running Room peeps.

That said, it was an absolutely GORGEOUS morning so I distracted myself with the pretty scenery.

And towards the end, everything started to feel easier. Maybe it was the fact I was on a slight decline, or that I knew I would get to stop soon. But I think it’s just how my body works – the first 5 km are ALWAYS the hardest for me. After that, I get into ‘the zone’ and I just run. Today, I didn’t quite make it there.

That is one hot, sweaty mess.

I ended up running just over 7 km due to an adjustment I had to make mid-run in which I had to back-track about half a kilometre.

And I’m really glad I had a chance to try out the stopwatch before the race – apparently I don’t know how to work it. I had it set on Chronograph mode so I would know when to take my walk breaks. It worked fine until I got to 30 minutes. For some reason it stopped counting?! I reset it and had to do a little math in my head to figure out my walk break and it worked out, but still really annoying. Can’t have that happen during the race.

Came home and stretched like it was my job. I have no time for hobbling around this week – I need all my lower parts working at full capacity so I can get in the right headspace for Sunday.

Also made a nice bowl of health:

Eeeeeee I can’t believe that next week at this time, it’ll be all over and done with and I’ll be having celebratory brunch and mimosas. EXCITED.


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