Posted by: Kennedy | September 13, 2010

Carnivore at a veggie food fair

What a wonderful, tiring day I’ve had.

It started with the usual 7 a.m. wake-up call. I kind of cursed my alarm this morning, probably because I was a little nervous about running 20 kilometres after breakfast.

Today was my VERY LAST long Sunday run before the half – which is now exactly two weeks away!! Cue the butterflies.

Our run was special today because it was an official “tune up” run sponsored by the good people at STWM. There were draw prizes, free Gatorade and coffee at the store, and a water station en route. We also had a lot of extra bodies, which made for an interesting start – I’m sure unsuspecting pedestrians thought they’d somehow walked onto a race route.

I stuck by the 2:15 pace group for the entire run (that’s 2 hour, 15 minute finish, not 2:15 min/km! Of course). We took it slo-o-o-w and finished in 2 hours, 30 minutes.

It was an awesome day for a run – crisp and partly cloudy at the start, with the sun peeking through about an hour in. This made for a pretty setting and it still wasn’t too hot. Our route included a number of parks and even a rocky trail, which meant there was plenty of shade!

As you can see, I’ve not yet mastered the art of taking photos while running. But the scenery was so lovely that I had to try.

I took a chocolate-flavoured Clif Shot an hour in. I’ve decided gels aren’t my favourite things in the world. They are sickeningly sweet and don’t look very appetizing as I squeeze them out of their little package. But, they keep me going and I can suck them back pretty easily. The chocolate one was actually much better than the vanilla-flavoured Gu I had last week – that one was basically syrup. Sick.

I felt strong the whole time, probably because of our nice leisurely pace. However, by the last few kms my legs were screaming at me. I felt muscles I can’t even name. A long stretching session followed – I should really try an ice bath sometime but I haven’t been able to work up enough nerve.

Jo & me: Upright and smiling after 20 km!

I actually felt hungry on my way home (rare for me) so I munched on the Clif bar I had brought along just in case. LOVE this flavour.

And I picked up my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. I was right, fall has indeed arrived.

And I downed about three big glasses of water as soon as I stepped in the door.

The ultimate thirst-quencher.

Instead of spending the rest of the day on the couch as my body probably would have preferred, I showered and headed right back downtown to spend the afternoon with Cathy and check out the Vegetarian Food Fair.

Lounging on astroturf... just another day in the big city

A big thanks to local food bloggers Miranda and Susan for writing about this event – I never would have known about it otherwise!

Now, I’m no vegetarian… there’s no disputing that fact. My last post featured a scrumptious beef stew.

I’ve never consciously made the decision not to eat meat, but I do end up “going veggie” on occasion – at least once a week, in fact. A few months back, I took on the Meatless Monday challenge (find out why here) though I admit sometimes it turns out to be Meatless Tuesday or Meatless Friday Dinner…

But even though I love me some steak, I also really enjoy vegan/vegetarian gems like tofu, quinoa, almond milk, and of course, fresh fruits and veggies.

So when I found out there was a veggie food fair giving out free samples, I got my butt down there to check it out.

I should mention I was absolutely famished by the time we arrived – a symptom of my post-run bottomless-pit-stomach syndrome.

30 seconds in, we had already managed to find:

Chocolate & peanut butter Simply Bar samples

and Oatmeal Raisin cookies from Sweets from the Earth.


After wandering for a short while longer, we made our way to the food tent. There was a lot of tasty-looking stuff in there, but I had practically made up my mind before I set foot inside the tent. I was having the salad roll that looked big and delicious enough to be a burrito, featured on Susan’s blog yesterday.

I also had a BBQ bun (yes, meat lovers rejoice — you could still find meat at the vegetarian food fair).

My view as we enjoyed our meal:

Cathy noticed a family of ducks swimming in a row… they had kind of dispersed by the time we could snap a photo… still cute though!


Almost immediately after eating, I felt a wave of exhaustion flow over me. I’ve been noticing this in recent weeks after long runs – I’m fine for hours, then all of a sudden I crash and burn and just want to lie down in the street and take a nap.

Any runners out there experience this? Is it one of those inevitable effects of running long distances? Or is it self-inflicted? (Dehydration, not enough protein, too many carbs, etc.?)

On that note, I’m calling it a very early night. I cannot wait for my bed. A sign of a solid weekend 🙂



  1. Congratulations on the 20 km run!! quite an accomplishment!! Sounds like you had a very rewarding, and tiring day!!

  2. Gotta love TVA’s annual food fair! Way to go!

    • I thought of you my dear!

  3. Great Run!!!

    I miss running in the woods, I used to in my younger years when I lived in Colorado but here in Florida I just get to run by a bunch of “golf courses” everyday, beautiful, but not the same.

    P.S. Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog! =)

  4. Hey, any view that’s not pavement and skyscrapers is great in my book! It must be much hotter to run outside in Florida though…
    And it was my pleasure!

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