Posted by: Kennedy | September 3, 2010

iPhone love, speed drills fun and Twisted Tuna Salad

Lots to talk about tonight so I’ll just get right into it…

First of all, I made two big purchases in the last week.

My new runners, which I mentioned in my last post, are awesome!!! I pounded out 7 hard kilometres on the treadmill earlier this week and they held up very nicely. Tonight, I took them outdoors for some speed drills (more on that later) and I think it’s safe to say that these shoes and I will get along just fine.

I also bought….

My new toy!

An iPhone!!!

I recently killed my Nano on a particularly wet run, and it was time to renew my contract with Telus, so I gave in and got on the crazy iPhone bandwagon.

Nano & flip phone = limited 'cool' factor

It took me about three minutes to learn why everyone loves them so much. They can do EVERYTHING! I’m excited to test out the RunKeeper app as I’ll be doing my long run ‘off-road’ at the cottage this weekend.

Check it: recent photos taken courtesy of iPhone. Not bad right?

Colourful display at St. Lawrence Market

Desk lunch

Post-treadmill fuel

Take-out dinner from Freshii: Warrior Chicken brown rice bowl

Yes, I will be mildly obsessed with this device for the next while, so please bear with me…

In other news, I tried out another new recipe this week: a fun twist on tuna salad! Easy, fast, requires minimal ingredients… the perfect combo when I’m rushing around in the morning trying to make a lunch.

Here it is (this made two servings for me):

–       1 can flaked light tuna

–       ½ can white kidney beans

–       ½ red pepper, diced

–       ¼ cup red onion, diced

–       1 tsp olive oil

–       dried basil and black pepper, to taste

Mix everything together and put in the fridge, preferably overnight. Serve over bed of spinach or mixed greens. Yum yum.

Lunch outside: Everything looks tastier in natural light!

I had this for lunch two days in a row. It’s got some good protein in there but today I paired with a whole wheat bagel and peanut butter for a little extra to fuel up for my ‘speed drills’.

Yes. Now that hill training is FINALLY over, it’s time to move on to speed training. Scary!

I figured ‘speed drills’ meant heading over to Queen’s Park and running sprints part way around the circle, then recovering part way, and repeating. That’s what we did during the 10k clinic.

But no.

After our coaches spent some time giving us a run-down of all the different forms of speed training – fartleks, intervals, tempo runs, the mind boggles – we headed out to Commerce Court (picture a concrete jungle, with an upscale bar patio full of suits looking on) and proceeded to do all kinds of warm-up type exercises in a big group.

We skipped with our arms in the air, ran on our toes, walked on our heels, jumped in the air like kangaroos, and finally did some good old fashioned sprints. It was actually pretty fun. And I got a pretty serious sweat on even though none of the drills lasted more than a few minutes. It was a tough workout that my muscles will surely be cursing me over tomorrow.

Before heading home, I picked up a couple of gels to try out on my next few long runs. The bars haven’t been working for me so I’m giving in. These gels still freak me out a bit but I’ll deal – I’ll just close my eyes and hope for the best!

I picked up a Vanilla Bean Gu and a Chocolate Clif Shot.

Time to put these legs to bed… they’ve earned a good rest!



  1. Those are essentially the same shoes I have and they rock! I got caught on Thursday in a huge downpour and loved every minute of it.

    The iPhone is a life-changer that’s for sure, you’ll just love it more and more. Let me know how RunKeeper works for you. I’m also running my long run this weekend out of the city so it comes in handy.

    As far as the gels, I was thinking of trying some too.. go go goo!

    Have fun!!

  2. Good grief!! FARTLEKS!!! That sounds a bit risky.
    Love the photos!!

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