Posted by: Kennedy | August 30, 2010

Time to retire the Asics

My Asics and I have become old friends.

Asics pose for their final close-up. They've seen better days..

Since I bought them last November, we’ve had some good times. They’ve supported me through three races, two training clinics, and countless kilometres pounding the pavement. They waited patiently in my closet for months while I dealt with two injuries. They’ve endured all kinds of weather – from snow, ice and slush to torrential downpours to humidity that made my feet sweat in ways I didn’t know were possible.

It’s been – literally – an uphill battle at times, but they always took it in stride and reveled in the forgiving downward slope that followed.

Make no mistake; we’ve had our differences. I don’t appreciate the fact that they STILL give me blisters on my arches, or that they took a toenail from me in the spring. But I recognize that I haven’t made life easy on them.

Their replacements – a pretty snazzy pair of Mizunos – are waiting to be tested out on the treadmill later this week. I’m anxious to start breaking them in before the race, which is fast-approaching on September 26…

The new Mizunos!

So today marks the end of my relationship with the Asics. They took me on one last Sunday run this morning – 18.5 km in the sun and heat. And it was fantastic.

I fuelled up with a whole-wheat sesame bagel (from yesterday’s purchase at St. Urbain’s Bakery) with almond butter and a banana. I was FULL after this breakfast but I knew it would serve me well around the 15 km point…

I know I usually crave rain on my long runs, but today I didn’t so much mind the beautiful weather. We ran an awesome route along the lake out to High Park, through a nature-filled path that included a stamina-testing hill, and back downtown via Dundas Street.

The sun and clear morning sky against the blue lake water was so pretty, I didn’t care about the extra beads of sweat forming on my brow. And the sun peeking through the trees in the park made everything seem more peaceful. I still looked for shade with every step, but running on a sunny summer day is definitely nothing to shy away from!

Today I tried not to focus too much on my time and just listen to what my body was telling me (My legs were a tad sore from yesterday’s awesome but challenging yoga class).
As a result, I ran at an average 6:54 pace – a little slower than the 2 hour pace group. But I felt pretty strong the whole time, especially in the second half, and, amazingly, right after we reached the top of the hill in High Park. Maybe all that hill training was worth it after all…

I also used today’s run to do some experimenting before race day:

As we get into the longer runs, experienced marathoners tell us we need to re-fuel en route. I’ve been doing this by mixing electrolytes into my water (I drank Gatorade once and found it really sugary in comparison). I do find this makes a difference – I get an energy boost around the 11-12 km point when I would otherwise surely be fading. But the food thing has been difficult for me since I really have no appetite during a run. In fact, it usually takes a good two hours after a run for me to start feeling hungry. But maybe if I had a little nibble of food at the halfway point, I’d feel stronger through the finish line…

So I brought two-thirds of an Elevate Me bar, the banana nut bread flavour. The great thing about these bars (other than the fact they’re 100% natural and loaded with protein) is that they easily break into three pieces. They’re pretty dense so it would be tough to eat the whole thing at once.

I only made it through one piece during the run – I ate half of a piece during a walk-break around the 10 km mark and had the rest at the next break 10 minutes later. They’re too dry and chewy for me to eat in one minute! I’ll definitely have to figure something else out for race day. Maybe next week I’ll try a gel – the idea still freaks me out a bit but they seem to work for lots of people. Jo tried a chocolate Gu today and liked it a lot.

I refueled with a latte (not pictured) and muesli: oats, raisins, nuts, dates, blueberries, strawberries and almond milk.

And another bowl of watermelon/cantaloupe/feta/mint – addicted to this combo!

And later… salad….

And by dinner time, I was ravenous again… veggie omelet with Brussels sprouts (there was also a piece of wheat toast, but I inhaled it standing up in the kitchen while waiting for the omelet to finish cooking…)

My stomach is a bottomless pit after today’s run – understandable, given I burned over 1,200 calories!

A special thanks to my running buddy Patrick for sticking it out with me today (at a much slower pace than he’s used to)! Having people around who will challenge you to push yourself a little bit more is so important. Pat, would you mind if I just draft you for the entirety of the race? 🙂



  1. I had one of the best Sundays in a long while and I’m convinced it all started with an amazing run, thanks to you guys.

    I ended up devouring bacon and eggs with rye toast when I got home then a nap, then baguette with Boursin and pork tenderloin with roasted potatoes on the BBQ for dinner, accompanied by a half bottle of Malbec. Nom nom…

    Three cheers for longs runs on Sunday morns. I’ve been in the greatest mood all day.

    Thanks Kennedy!

    • Nice!! All that food sounds delicious!

  2. Hi Kid! If you are just gonna throw out your runners, i can put them to good use. The Curves owner wants to spray paint running shoes and hang them on a tree to decorate for some event in downtown Clinton in September. So if you bring them home on the long weekend, we can give them a big “send off” before they head to the trash.

    • Deal! But before I give them to the dear sweet unsuspecting ladies at Curves, I will have to do something about their unpleasant odor… they could probably use a trip through the washing machine.

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