Posted by: Kennedy | August 29, 2010

To market, to market… and to yoga

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect Saturday in the city.

I woke up early – purposefully early – so I could head down to St. Lawrence Market before yoga.

Those who follow the blog will know that I have major love for the market – but I’ve never gone there on a Saturday morning. Saturdays are a whole other story with this place. It’s when you can find, in addition to the permanent vendors in the South building, a massive farmer’s market in the North building.

I have been craving farmer’s-market-fresh produce ALL WEEK LONG.

I made it downtown just before 8 a.m., when it seemed as though the crowds were starting to form but there was still room enough to move around. This is why one must go early to the St. Lawrence Market on Saturday – by 10 a.m. it is said to be infested with slow walkers (one of my most severe pet peeves of all time) and families with double-strollers. Nothing against small children, but come ON.

With my S-bucks latte in tow, I happily made my way around the farmer’s market (at an acceptable pace), purchasing free-run eggs, fresh mint, golden delicious apples, blueberries, yellow beans, and cantaloupe. I then headed across to the South building where I grabbed Ontario Brussels sprouts, organic baby carrots, red onions, slivered almonds, watermelon and a half-dozen bagels from St. Urbain’s Bagels.

My purchases, by food grouping:

Pretty veggies...

Fresh and fragrant fruit...

And the non-produce items: still fresh but not quite as colourful

How beautiful is real food?! So many colours!

With all the food put away, I headed back out the door to meet Michelle for an Ashtanga Vinyasa class at Roots. 90 minutes of quick, sweat-inducing poses and stretches later, I felt like a new person. The instructor was awesome – she went around to each of us several times through the class to massage our necks with a eucalyptus lotion. I was completely zen-ed out by the end. I think I’m getting hooked on this yoga thing…

From there, I went home and made an amazing lunch:

Watermelon and cantaloupe with fresh mint and feta = THE perfect summer fruit salad. I can’t take credit for the combo – found it on Emily Eats Clean. Yummm.

I paired it with pumpkin ravioli with a simple sauce of melted butter and mint, topped with black pepper. Incredible.

The rest of the day was all about fun – I met up with some coworkers at Liberty Bistro for drinks and snacks on the patio. A lovely Saturday afternoon with great company!

Then, it was time to start prepping for my long Sunday run. In addition to my two-thirds of a pizza at the restaurant, I had a big salad for a ‘second dinner’…

…snacked on some Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips with hummus…

One word: Addiction.

…and drank umpteen glasses of water before hitting the sack around 10:30. A busy, gorgeous, relatively healthy Saturday. Indeed.



  1. YUM! this is making me salivate — if you ever need a partner in your market adventure, i’d love to join

    • And I’d love to have you! Perhaps in September we can have a market date?

  2. I want your life!!!!

    • Well, you are due for a visit… come hang out! But be warned, I WILL force you to go to yoga with me.

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