Posted by: Kennedy | August 26, 2010

Signs you might be a runner

The word ‘runner’ used to intimidate me. It was a word I always wanted to call myself but never felt like I deserved. To me, runners were superhuman speed demons who got up every morning at 5 a.m. to run marathon distances before work. They were extremely disciplined, healthy, fit people who never strayed from their schedules. I admired them from afar, but I would never in a million years consider myself their equal.

When people started calling me a runner to my face, it was a little uncomfortable. I liked the label, but still felt like it was a bit of a lie – even though I WAS running, four times a week. What I soon realized was that my own ideas of what makes a runner were inherently wrong.

After getting to know quite a few runners through my training clinics, I’ve discovered that runners are many things: determined, strong, committed, friendly, funny, sarcastic, creative, passionate, impatient, stubborn. They are disciplined, but aren’t above blowing off a scheduled run if they know they aren’t up to it. They come in all shapes and sizes, and run at different paces (we aren’t all speed demons!!). They love food (and can be bribed with it). Basically, they are people who love to throw on a pair of runners, step outside, and run their hearts out. And I am one of them.

When I was thinking about this topic for a post, I thought about how I knew I had started to think and act like a runner. Here’s what I came up with…

You might be a runner if…

–       You genuinely look forward to buying a new pair of running shoes, and then spend at least 30 minutes in the store deliberating before making a decision

–       You check the weather three times before leaving the house in the morning, then pack three tops, a hooded jacket, sunscreen and a hat.

–       You know about ‘shots’ that don’t have anything to do with liquor

–       You know what ‘PR’ stands for

–       You’ll set your alarm for 6 a.m. to run after a late night out… and actually drag your hungover butt out of bed and do it

–       You get extremely anxious when you forget your water bottle or fuel belt at home

–       After finishing a race, you’re on an endorphin high for days

–       You become obsessed with recruiting your friends into your running group

–       You’re willing to decline an invitation to have drinks on a patio in favour of running hills

–       You start assessing all of your snacks for optimal protein and carb content

–       You refuse to wear a cotton t-shirt on a run

–       You’ve ruined at least one electronic device because you brought it along for a run on a rainy day

–       You’ve given considerable thought to how best to dry out your running shoes

–       You feel a sense of camaraderie whenever you see a runner as you go about your day

–       You’d rather read Runner’s World than Vogue or InStyle

–       You browse upcoming races and read fitness blogs on your lunch break

–       You start feeling antsy or restless and immediately think… “I need to go for a run”

–       The first thing you want to do after a stressful day is get outside and run. THEN you go home for a glass of wine.

–       You secretly look forward to the end of summer because it means the fall running season has arrived

How do you know you or one of your loved ones is a runner?



  1. You are DEFINITELY a legitimate runner!!!!!
    Be PROUD:)

  2. I had the same kind of apprehension calling myself a runner but lately the reaction from people when they hear I ran 15 or 17 km the day before is usually a freak out followed by the question “Why?” to which I usually reply “Because I love it.”

    I knew I was a runner when I’d got home from an exhausting run and as I was showering I was thinking to myself “Man I wish I could do that again tomorrow!” full well knowing that I’d be way too sore to even attempt it.

    I guess I’ve just gotten used to always thinking, well if I can run this much and I didn’t die then I should be able to do just a bit more. And a bit more and a bit more… had anyone told me when I started in March that I’d be running a half-marathon I’d have laughed at them, but now I’m as excited as a kid at Christmas.

    Anyway, enough blabbering on… See ya on the pavement tomorrow. 🙂

    • Well said Pat! I get those “are you crazy?!” reactions too sometimes. I secretly get the most satisfaction from those ones. 🙂 See you bright and early!

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