Posted by: Kennedy | August 15, 2010

I will use my kitchen more, I swear…

Today, I ran 17 kilometres for the first time in my life. And aside from a horrifically tight right calf, it felt pretty amazing.

Yesterday, I went to my first yoga class in months – and I think I’ve finally found the studio for me: Roots. It’s walking distance from my house. It’s eco-friendly and the facilities are lovely. They even have a weekly Yoga for Runners class! I am all over that.

But forget running; I want to acknowledge my shameful lack of recipe-attempting of late. I know the blog has been heavy on the running side lately, and it’s mostly because that’s how my life is right now. It’s also been a crazy few weeks of back-and-forth travel, cottaging, camping, after-work running, and socializing on patios. It’s summer; you understand. I’ve spent very limited time in my kitchen, and my e-mail is overflowing with recipes to try.

Luckily, I’ve had time this weekend to stock up on groceries and plan my meals for the week, so I will have a chance to try a new recipe or two very soon. Bear with me!

Though I didn’t make any of it, I do want to share with you my latest Toronto dining experience: Dinner at Fresh on Spadina with my favourites, Jo, Cait and Mikaela. Normally we prefer to order Indian food when we get together, but sweet Mikaela was on a very strict diet – butter chicken and saag paneer are not exactly cleanse-friendly. So we instead headed to Fresh, a place I’ve been curious about for ages.

Fresh is exactly what the name suggests: fresh food made with fresh ingredients. It’s an all-vegetarian shop that even us carnivores can appreciate.

Us non-cleansers split a spring roll appetizer (no photo – we gobbled them up before I remembered) and a half-litre of pinot grigio.

I had the Beach Bowl: grilled red pepper, zucchini and sweet potato with avocado, sun-dried tomato, sunflower sprouts, olive oil, tamari, lemon and mixed herbs over brown basmati rice.

Mmm mmmmmmmmm. A little heavy on the rice (it’s hidden under all the veggies), but it was Fresh-tastic.

And for dessert, vegan chocolate cupcakes with vanilla cream inside. YES. This was my first ever vegan cupcake, and it was pretty amazing! Sweet enough, but didn’t instantly put me into a sugar coma. And because it’s vegan, it’s calorie-free, no? Well, a girl can dream…

Off to do some cleaning and laundry, then heading to a BBQ! (I know. The home-cooking starts tomorrow, I promise…)



  1. There is nothing as photogenic as Mother Nature. Look at all those colours!

    • So true! Pics of fruits & veggies are so easy!

  2. I’ll admit it… I had to google “17 kilometers in miles.”

    THEN I went, WOW! 10 miles!!! That’s awesome!


    • Haha… thanks! I do the same thing to convert miles to kms 🙂

  3. Yay for 17k!

    I’m training for the Scotiabank 1/2 in September and my last 2 long runs have been 15k – also the furthest I have ever run.

    I know the 1/2 is only 6k more (6.8k technically, I think?) but just the thought of it is causing me anxiety.

    • Congrats on your longest run ever! Such a great feeling to hit new ‘firsts.’ 20 plus km does sound like SO much farther than 15 doesn’t it? But adding a little bit each week means we’ll be there before we know it. Good luck with the rest of your training – are you doing a Running Room clinic?

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