Posted by: Kennedy | July 24, 2010

What NOT to do before a 12k run

Last night, I celebrated the arrival of the weekend by going out for a few drinks with Cathy. We intended to keep it to one (big) glass of wine each, then head home for dinner. I was still stuffed from my incredible lunch at jump! (blog post with photos and review coming very soon) so I said no to ordering food.

This was my first mistake.

My second mistake was ordering a second, and then a third, glass of wine. Whoops. Cathy, you are just too much darn fun to hang out with, I never want to call it a night!

The magic glass of wine. Photo credit: Jordan Baker

On my way home, I was feeling a bit lightheaded seeing as it was close to 10 p.m. and I hadn’t eaten since lunch. Terrible, I know. Those who know me know I NEVER miss a meal. But who wants to take time to make something when they’re a bit tipsy and it’s hours past dinner? Not me. I picked up a veggie sub from Subway and devoured it when I got home.

Which brings me to my third mistake.

While I was out, I saw that my dear friend Leanne had called. Lee lives a few hours away and we don’t get to see each other too often, so when we have a phone chat it’s always a good long one! I called her around 10:30 and we talked until after midnight. Now Lee, you know I love you and our catch-up calls. However, a successful morning run requires a full night’s sleep. And last night, I probably got about 5 hours. Eeek!

My final mistake was my late-night sugar binge. Apparently I worked up an appetite gossiping on the phone because as soon as I hung up, the gummy bears in my kitchen started growling at me to come eat them. I blame a combination of factors: my extreme hunger after skipping dinner mixed with my lowered inhibitions from the wine. If I’d been thinking rationally, I would have sent myself to bed, knowing the sugar would just make me sluggish for the morning run. But instead, I polished off the open bag. Mistake.

Why I feel like crap today...

7:30 a.m. came quickly. I awoke feeling tired, dehydrated and unmotivated. I felt a twinge of regret upon recalling my behaviour from the previous night. I sucked it up, ate some breakfast, drank some water and got dressed. I met Joanna at her place where I was greeted by the smell of bacon and Jo’s boyfriend, Marc, relaxing on the couch with the Saturday paper. All I wanted to do was join him.

But, I soldiered on and headed out with Jo for our 12k. It seemed impossible. And the muggy weather wasn’t helping any. But as we got moving and my blood started flowing, I did feel much better.

We took it easy, running at an average 7-minute km pace. It was pretty uneventful until we hit Cherry Beach, where we started seeing lots of other runners and cyclists out for their Saturday morning workouts.

Two memorable groups we encountered included a pair of ladies out for a jog who looked to be in their late 40s or 50s (I commented to Jo that that would be us in 20 years) and a much-more-experienced foursome we caught up to several times – only to be passed moments later, of course.

We chatted with them as we filled up at a water fountain (found a second one!) and learned they were in the midst of a 20k route – yikes!! Intimidating… though, a little less so when we noticed one of them wearing jewelry and make-up. Mascara on a humid 30+ degree July morning is really not the best look for a marathoner-in-training. I was so distracted by her raccoon eyes I couldn’t focus on the ‘tips’ she was giving us about signing up for fall races.

But it gave Jo and I something to talk about at the 9k mark.

Of course, the sun decided to come out around this time. Like I wasn’t hot enough already. I made my water last til the end (thanks to the fountain stop) but I still felt dehydrated and a bit sick by the end of it (thanks to the wine and sugar hangover).

However, my lungs felt strong even towards the end and I wasn’t totally out of breath. My legs were feeling it, though. Beyond the 10k mark, they were begging me to stop. Must. Do. More. Strength training.

Our route ended near the St. Lawrence Market, and from there we walked back to Joanna’s. Even after a nice 20-minute cool down, I felt no cooler. But the A/C in her apartment did the trick! I forced a banana down and took a freezie for the road, but not before Marc had me try the newest flavour of Doritos he had just purchased. Brace yourself…. Cheeseburger-flavoured Doritos. I could just barf. Tortilla chips should never, under no circumstances, taste remotely like ground beef. Fail.

On my way home, I picked up part of my lunch (My kitchen is pretty carb-free right now – I think it’s groceries time) at my latest neighbourhood discovery, Delica Kitchen. The simple and elegant exterior caught my eye one day, so I took a glance inside at the menu (which changes with the season). There’s a poster on the wall that says: “When you eat fruit, think of the person who planted the tree.” Love this quote!

It’s obvious the owners of Delica are passionate about making nutritious, natural foods.

Taken from their website: “We’re driven by our love, respect and obsession for authentic, all natural, fresh food. We do our best to celebrate real food and try not to mess around with honest taste that high quality, pure and simple ingredients have to offer. You might have guessed that we’re not really the type to follow trends. When we find a good thing, we stick to it – simple cooking methods, time-honoured traditions, bold flavours and good, wholesome ingredients.”

My kind of place.

They specialize in baked goods and lunch staples (sandwiches, soups, fresh salads) but they also prepare take-home dinners (with a few standing tables and a closing time of 7 p.m., it’s not a sit-down kind of place). A while back, I stopped in for a morning treat, trying the Superfood Muffin – made with flax, oats and bran with dried fruit and nuts – and a non-fat latte.

Photo does not do this muffin justice.

Today, I went for their Summer Chicken Feta sandwich: Herb-roasted chicken breast, roasted green and yellow zucchini, arugula and a homemade herbed feta spread on an ACE Bakery Multigrain Triangle. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the flavours of the cheese really mixed well with the veggies and bread. Not your average Subway six-inch, that’s for sure.

Two words: Inhaled it.

I made an awesome salad to go with it: baby spinach, cucumber, red pepper, avocado, red onion and goat cheese, with balsamic vinegar.

My bowl of health!

This should get me feeling back to normal.

Happy weekend!



  1. Yayyy I was mentioned!!! Weeee

    • I heart you!

  2. Hilarious!! Impressive you made it for the 12K run…well done!

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