Posted by: Kennedy | July 23, 2010

Cooking club returns!

Sunday’s 10K through Rosedale Valley was an AWESOME run with the 2 hour pace group and Joanna.

When I wasn’t admiring the foliage or chatting away about farmer’s markets, I was thinking a few random thoughts. Such as…

If I can chug 3 of 4 bottles on my fuel belt in an hour, how will I ever make it on race day? Can you fill up your belt at the water stations? Will I be tempted not to stop in order to make my time? And forget race day, what about when training runs get up around 18 or 19K? Will we make sure there are water fountains along our route? I think in all my days living in Toronto I’ve only noticed one public drinking fountain. Does my city have a shortage or am I just not perceptive?

Also – I really hope there are NO STAIRS on the race route. My. God. Our lovely run through the valley ended with six of the longest, steepest flights of stairs ever, taking us back up to street level.  I struggled.

And holy cow – I forgot how great it feels to finish 10k before 10 a.m! I love getting it out of the way early and knowing l have all day to do whatever I want.

Finally, my appetite issues. I’ve never wanted to eat shortly after a run, but these days it’s taking a really long time to feel hungry again. On Sunday, I didn’t feel like eating until lunchtime – this seemed strange, given I’d just burned over 600 calories. And after weeknight runs, I’m pretty much forcing down dinner. Is it the heat?

Although, after tonight’s 5K, I was more than ready for my usual weeknight post-run omelet for dinner. YUM! Does anyone else agree with me that breakfast for dinner is amazing??

Omelet & toast = best recovery food ever!

On another note….

Last week, Jo and I finally had a chance to cook together again! I won a Mediterranean-themed cookbook recently and we’ve been salivating over it ever since. We decided to ‘adapt’ a duck pasta recipe. It ended up being a chicken and veggie pasta with an orange sauce/glaze. Not at all what the chef intended, but still really yummy. And we got to drink the leftover Prosecco from the recipe. Always a bonus 🙂

Sauteeing the veggies...

Adding chicken, wine and juice...

Final product!

Sweet Jo Jo!

I don’t have the exact recipe yet, as the cookbook is still at the office (it’s pretty big and I’ve been putting off schlepping it home on the subway). But here’s what you need:

2 tbsp olive oil

1 large chicken breast

¼ cup onion

¼ cup carrots

¼ cup celery

approx. 1 cup Prosecco

approx. ½ cup orange juice

1 tbsp tomato paste

1 tbsp chopped basil

approx. ½ box whole wheat pasta

Once I lug my cookbook home, I’ll post the cooking directions and add it to the Recipes page. Bon appetit!


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