Posted by: Kennedy | July 8, 2010

Hot runner in the city

I take back any complaint I’ve ever made about running in the winter.

Here in Toronto, we’re experiencing our first major heat wave of the summer. I start to sweat just sitting outside. My hair is flat. I’m constantly parched. Applying sunscreen feels pointless because it melts off my face in minutes. And today, despite all this, I went for a TEMPO RUN.

I’m nuts.

I didn’t think it would be so bad because our group was only going for 3 km. But as it turns out, it doesn’t matter – any physical activity – especially a relatively speedy one – in 35 degree weather is going to hurt. I don’t think it helped matters when our coaches had us stop en route to do sprints up hill!

I just have to remind myself it’s the best conditioning possible… if I can get through heat wave running, 21 km in late September will feel like a breeze… right?

Maybe… but this is not what was going through my head as I was sweating from what felt like every pore of my skin!

Annnd I’m done whining.

I really enjoy the Running Room’s open practice runs because you bump into old running friends once in a while. Tonight, we saw our 10k clinic coach Isabelle and a fellow 10k runner Lynne! So much fun to catch up, and it’s one of the only places in Toronto outside of work and friends where I show up somewhere and kind of feel like I’m on Cheers. Not because everyone knows me, but we’re all familiar faces – and just because your clinic ends doesn’t mean you’ll never see your buddies again. I love feeling like part of the city’s running community.

Tomorrow’s clinic is going to be awesome – we have a strength and conditioning coach coming in to do his boot camp, custom-made for runners! I’m expecting it to absolutely destroy me, since my strength training is essentially non-existent these days, and this heat is probably not going to let up. But I’m excited to find out what I SHOULD be doing in that realm to become a better, stronger runner.

I hear it’s going to cool down for the weekend – I hope so, because I have 10 km to look forward to on Sunday morning. It would be SO great if it rained…



  1. you ARE nuts!!!! But in a good way:)

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