Posted by: Kennedy | June 27, 2010

Bring on the rain!

Normally, I’m a sun worshipper. My favourite days to run are when there’s not a cloud in the sky. I’m just in a better mood.

Cut to: last Wednesday. And Thursday. I had after-work runs scheduled, both relatively short ones too. I bought myself a water belt, filled up the bottles, slathered on some sun block and grabbed my hat. Did any of it help me avoid melting into a puddle? Not really.

I’m starting to question how on earth I am going to handle training for a ½ in the dead of a Toronto summer. Heat, humidity, concrete as far as the eye can see…. it’s all a little too real right now…

So when the weather forecast started calling for rain over the weekend, I caught myself feeling a little relieved (you mean I won’t have to try and run 9K in direct sunlight? Interesting…). But I still felt conflicted. Like, maybe it would be worth risking heat stroke as long as it means I can sit on a patio afterwards and enjoy a nice cold pint.

After my run this morning with Joanna, there is no doubt in my mind that my all-time favourite run will from now on be the Summer Rain run.

It was EPIC. Not only was the steady, cool feel of rain on my hot skin incredibly refreshing, but I’m 100% convinced it helped my performance. I didn’t run out of gas like I did on my shorter runs through the week. I felt stronger. And I was just better able to enjoy myself. Jo and I kept saying to each other how awesome we felt, even towards the end when our route had a few rolling hills.

After we parted ways, I ran an extra kilometre for good measure, making sure I ended at Starbucks (I’ve got the reward system down pat). On my walk home in the rain, I felt so good that I literally could not stop myself from smiling. I had this ridiculous goofy grin on my face – at times, I even laughed out loud. It’s a good thing I was on a residential street, and it was raining, so I didn’t freak any other pedestrians out in my endorphin-induced state. 🙂

It got me thinking about the different runs I’ve experienced in my time. You know how one day, a run feels amazing and easy, and the next, it’s like the hardest thing you’ve ever done? I don’t get this phenomenon. And I felt a rant coming on….so I threw together this list of all “Types of Runs”:

1. The Murphy’s Law run – everything that can go wrong does. The weather sucks. You’re over/under-dressed. Your ipod dies. You get a blister or a cramp. Or maybe both. You forget your water-belt at home. You run out of steam in the first 15 minutes.

2. The Awesome run – the run that reminds you why you love to run. Perfect conditions, you got a great sleep the night before, you’re full of energy through the whole run. You feel strong and fast from start to finish. Traffic lights are timed nicely.

3. The Sleepy run – often takes place first thing in the morning… you’re half-awake the entire time and will later sometimes have trouble recalling that you ran it at all.

4. The Barney Stinson run – when someone who hasn’t properly trained goes out and tries to run a long distance. Later, you may lose the use of your legs while riding in a subway car.

5. The Not Fair run – where you incur an injury during said run and are forced to stop when otherwise you’re feeling great. You’ve built up the speed and endurance your body needs but still are physically unable to continue.

6. The Boring run – when nothing interesting happens. You don’t have a buddy. You don’t solve a problem. You don’t plan your dinner. You don’t listen to music. You just run.

7. The Race run – More adrenaline than usual. Faster pace than usual. More aware of your time than usual. And way more motivating than usual.

And finally…

8. The Summer Rain run – Probably my all-time favourite run. When it’s warm outside, but you don’t overheat because there’s a steady cool rain falling down on you constantly. The grass looks greener. The air is fresher. You can’t stop thinking about how grateful you are for the rain. I suggest wearing a hat.

Can you relate to any of these categories? Do you have another ‘type’ of run you love/hate/dread?



  1. Very Enjoyable reading!! I love hearing all about your running experiences. Keep on bloggin’ and joggin’. ~luv, mom~

  2. This post was entertaining Kennedy, and dare I say Legen-wait for it and don’t have any of these products right before your run-dary!

  3. Hey Kennedy,

    Great post, for sure! I loved reading it because it gives me something to look forward to – your love for running is enviable.

    I will add another “run” – but you might not count it as a run at all:

    Treadmill Run:
    Yesterday and today I ran on the treadmill…2 min run, 5 min walk uphill at 3.5 speed and 6 incline — worked wonderfully…I think treadmill runs are important because I believe it’s the stepping stone to outdoor runs – its harder to run outside with the wind and concrete (although I hear treadmills are bad on your knees). But I would say the treadmill run is the way the gym hierarchy works – the longer and faster you can run on a treadmill the more stares and respect you get!

    • Nice addition Helen! I started out running on the treadmill too. Actually I started on the elliptical and worked my way up to the treadmill in university – I was too intimidated to step on a treadmill for almost two years! Keep it up – you’ll be heading outdoors before you know it 🙂

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