Posted by: Kennedy | June 21, 2010

Cooking with Alana: Summer stirfry

A while back, I had my beautiful friend Alana over for dinner. Alana used to live and work in Toronto but has since moved out of the city to Kitchener, where she lives with her husband and kitty. She still commutes to a west-end Toronto suburb for work, however, so every once in a while we plan a school-night sleepover at my place so we can:

1) have wine;
2) spend more than an hour together over dinner; and
3) save Alana some commuting time the next morning.

It’s a win-win-win!

We used to go out for dinner when she visited, but lately we’ve taken to picking up ingredients, cooking a meal together, and enjoying some drinks at my apartment. This little tradition has proven to be much more economical and way more fun!

On this most recent occasion about a month ago (Alana, we’re due for another sleepover soon!), we made a turkey sausage pasta stirfry. This recipe is courtesy of Cristin, one of my favourite bloggers over at

There was so much, we needed two skillets!

This is a great meal to make in the summertime when you’re sick of cooking on the grill (which probably isn’t too often, but still). It tastes fresh and sweet, there are TONS of veggies and good proteins in it, and it requires minimal prep and cook time. This was especially important to us on this particular night as I ended up being over an hour late due to an incident on the subway. BUT we won’t get into all that now.

Alana enjoying the finished product

One tweak I will make next time is add in a few more herbs and spices – I don’t think I added any except some black pepper and it didn’t have much of a kick. Some turmeric or basil or oregano would taste pretty great I think…

Turkey sausage pasta stirfry - up close and personal

For a step-by-step slideshow of how to make this recipe, click here. Cristin makes it with chicken sausage – use your preference. Cristin’s Eat Like Me blog documents what she cooks and eats every single day – and it always looks mouth-watering! I’ve picked up a number of cooking pointers and nutrition tidbits from her. She’s a registered dietitian and new mother, so if you have any little ones running around I highly recommend checking her out.

Just for fun, here’s what I had for lunch today, and for dinner on Thursday night. I have been absolutely CRAVING all sorts of vegetables lately. I can’t get enough!

Not your average garden salad...

Today's lunch: awesome salad #2

These salads include the following:

-Arugula/spinach mix
-Red onion
-Grape tomatoes
-Snap peas (just the dinner salad)
-Balsamic vinegar

To quote my dear coworkers: “Nothing but a bowl of health!” Yum.


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