Posted by: Kennedy | May 27, 2010

Cooking Club gets a new member!

A few weeks ago, my friend Joanna and I played gourmet chefs as we prepared a Scallop Cassoulet recipe from the latest Food & Drink magazine. It was so much fun – not to mention mouthwatering – that we decided to make it a regular event.

My awesome cooking buddy, ready for another challenge!

Last week, we went for Round 2… and this time, we took it up a notch.

First and foremost, our cooking night has become a Cooking Club – we have a third! Jo’s friend Jennifer has joined in the culinary fun.

Having six hands instead of four meant we were able to make TWO amazing recipes this time. In keeping with our new tradition, both recipes were from back issues of Food & Drink – one from 2008 and another from 1999. Over a decade later, it hasn’t lost its “mmmmm” quality.

Our first course was…. Wait for it….: Squash ravioli in a sage butter sauce. Heavenly. And our second: Sauteed halibut with confit spices on a bed of arugula. Jennifer even picked up the suggested wines to pair with each recipe: a Chardonnay for the ravioli and a Riesling for the halibut.

Jo and I made a stop at the market for several items, particularly those we were less familiar with (I swear, you can find ANYTHING you need at St. Lawrence Market). Wonton wrappers? Check. Amaretto cookies? Never heard of them, but check. Giant slab of fresh, wild halibut? Check.

After arriving at Jo’s place, we opened up the Riesling and did a little taste test before dinner. We also snacked on some kale chips – OH. MY. GOD. I don’t know why anyone bothers to eat chips when these are just as delicious and infinitely healthier. Apparently they are also very easy to make… I know what I’ll be trying next in the kitchen…

The three of us cooked up a storm. Jennifer set to work on marinating the fish, Jo prepared the wonton wrappers for the ravioli, and I was in charge of making the squash filling. Jo had thoughtfully cooked the squash the night before so with one step already done, we got to eat about 30 minutes sooner (Thanks friend!).

Scooping squash ravioli filling onto wonton wrappers

Brushing egg whites onto wontons to make them sticky

Adding the second wrapper... (I wasn't great at this part)

Ravioli: boiled and ready for the final step... savory sage butter sauce

Maybe it was the team approach, maybe it was the wine – but for the level of fanciness, this meal was pretty simple to make. You do need to have certain devices on hand (we pureed the ravioli filling with a hand mixer) and if you’re preparing it on your own, it will be quite a bit more time-consuming. But trust me – it is worth the effort!

I think the photos speak for themselves.


Mmmm and Mmmm...

There wasn’t much dinner conversation (especially during the ravioli course) because all we could say was “Mmmmmm….” over and over again. The fish was flavourful and had the perfect amount of flakiness. The ingredients in the ravioli combined a variety of tastes – sweet squash and ground cookies, salty butter, bitter lemon juice – it sounds a little strange but it WORKED.

Now, the really fun part!

Even the wine pairings were great. None of us are big fans of Chardonnay, but to our surprise, it tasted nice with the ravioli.

All said and done, these are both amazing recipes that I will most certainly make again – probably when I’m trying to impress the pants off someone.

So far, Food & Drink, you’re three for three. Nice work.



  1. WOW!!! Looks fabulous!!! If you need a 4th, count me in. I’m not a great cook, but i’m willing to learn.

  2. […] recipe reminded us of one of our very first Cooking Club nights in Jo’s old apartment, when we made a squash ravioli in a sage butter […]

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