Posted by: Kennedy | April 20, 2010

Wear sunscreen… (and other pearls of wisdom from my Sunday run)

Yesterday I went on an especially awesome run with Cathy – my close friend and partner-in-training for the Sporting Life 10k on May 2nd.

We’ve slowly built up our endurance over the past 7 weeks. A few injuries and illnesses have set us back slightly in our schedule, and though we were supposed to have two 10k runs under our belts by now, we had yet to complete one. Last weekend we attempted it but, despite our best efforts, had to cut it short at just over 8 (I blame all the hills on Avenue Road).

Now just two weeks out from the race, we knew we had to step up our game. So yesterday we headed out for a ‘practice run’ in which we ran the exact route of the Sporting Life. Whenever possible, I recommend doing this before a race. A ‘dry run’ will help you prepare both physically and mentally. Not only do you get a sense of how physically demanding it is and the pace and speed you’ll be able to maintain, you also have a chance to visualize yourself succeeding – because you’re literally seeing yourself do it!

This was especially important for Cathy – she’s never run a race in her life and, before yesterday, she’d never run 10k at once. As race day got closer, she was starting to have doubts about her ability to complete it. I of course told her she was crazy. But when it comes to mental blocks, the only sure-fire solution is to prove yourself wrong and blow those doubts to smithereens. Which is exactly what we did.

I absolutely love Sunday morning runs. They are probably one of my favourite things ever. Add perfect weather (13 degrees and sunny with just the right amount of breeze), new running gear (thanks Target!!), and my wicked awesome running buddy (Cath, you rock my socks)… yeah, there’s no WAY it could have been a bad run.

We met at Yonge & Eglinton and walked up to Castlefield to our ‘starting line’. Then, we ran allllllll the way down to Richmond, across to Peter, down a bit further to Front, and after the longest two blocks ever, we reached Bathurst. With a final mad dash/gasping breath, we made it to Fort York. And there you have it – 10 whole kilometres. Before lunch, no less. Way to go Cathy 🙂

After our run, we were both feeling pretty great. Though we have our respective aches and pains, I think everything took a backseat to the massive runner’s high we were riding. After all, Cathy set a new record for longest distance run – ever! We grabbed post-run fruit smoothies as rewards for a job well done.

As we walked back towards the subway, basking in the glorious sunshine, we became even more excited about race day. Thanks to our practice run, we know we can do it. Now we get to think about how amazing it’s going to be to run alongside 15,000 people and feel that sense of accomplishment when we cross the finish line. I can’t wait for Cathy to experience that – and give her a HUGE hug when she does!

Sidenote: Upon my return home yesterday, I discovered I had a sunburn. Oops. I guess when you spend over an hour running outdoors in the sunshine, you should probably slather on some sunscreen first. I’m so used to bundling up and running in the cold that I’ve never even thought about protecting my skin. So on my agenda this week is to find runner-friendly (read: EXTREMELY sweat-resistant) sunscreen. Any suggestions??



  1. Wooh, way to go! I have yet to run the entire 10km stretch however I have run from our place down to the waterfront so I’m fairly confident of the pace and such.

    Are you girls planning on doing it again this weekend or anytime before the actual race? If so please let me know so I can join you. I’m planning on attempting it on Saturday morning but would be willing to postpone it to Sunday if that’s your running morning 🙂

  2. Awesome! You’ll be more than prepared for the race, Chelle has told me how much you’ve been running!

    I’m heading home this weekend but I do plan to run when I get back to the city on Sunday – I think we are doing the race route again. I’m unsure as to what time we’ll be going out but I’ll keep you posted!

  3. You are the best running trainer Kennedy! I could never have reached 10k without your help 🙂

    Can’t wait for May 2nd!!

  4. Oh awesome! I’ll keep my long run for Sunday then and go with you guys. I enjoy running alone but it’ll be fun to run with other people for once.

    You can give me a call or send me a text when you know around what time you’re planning on going. My cell number is 416 303 0505.

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